Enough is Enough

ENOUGH CRITTERS: Yesterday morning at about 4:00 I let Tasha out to do her morning business. She has an indoor litter box, but for some reason she likes her morning relief to be outside, then she comes back in for breakfast. Other than the torrential rains the deck was clear so I let her out, closed the door and went back to bed.  The blankets of my warm little nest weren’t even back in place when a blood curdling shriek rang out.  When I opened the door there was no sign of Tasha but I could see two dark masses moving in the yard. I chased them to the trees next to our fence but the lack of shoes, coat and visibility drove me back inside. Armed with a flashlight and shoes I went back out to discover the raccoons sitting in the same spot on the fence… almost like they were taunting me.  My eldest daughter and I searched for our old kitty, but couldn’t find her. She showed up at about 7:00, none the worse for wear. She must have moved those old bones pretty quickly and hid out until daylight. This morning Tasha used her lovely, safe litter box and after work I’m calling animal control about those brazen raccoons.

ENOUGH RAIN: Early this morning the rain stopped!  This is just a temporary respite from the seasonal deluge, but it’s nice just the same.  The girls and I would like to take a drive this weekend to see some friends.  There’s been lots of flooding north of us though so the visits may be postponed.

ENOUGH GAMING: Last night the latest upgrades or expansion pack for World of War-craft came out. This means that barring a power outage we won’t see my DH except when he emerges for food or to use the bathroom for a long time.  He even took a vacation day today to play. I suppose it’s harmless, but his obsession  attraction to playing bewilders me. Then again, I knit compulsively when time allows. 

Not much else happening. My knitting progress is slow and not worth photographing again. Happy Day Before Friday.



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5 responses to “Enough is Enough

  1. Poor little Tasha. Just thinking about those raccoons gives me the creeps. I hope they are long gone soon!!

  2. So I shouldn’t mention Hellgate: London to your DH?

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    That Tasha is an amazing cat. What instincts. BooBoo had those, but Esau Marie is a cheerleader with no survival instincts whatsoever except to look adorable. You need a little bit of down time, don’t you dearheart? I so wish we could meet for coffee and knitting. Take care!

  4. Rae

    We have the same raccoon issues here. The only time our 15year old terrier mut, Scruffy, barks is when the coons are around. I think Scruffy only gets disgruntle becasue the coons eat her food.

  5. Roxie

    I keep an old broom on the porch for making raccoons and possums feel unwelcome. Yelling, hissing, and flapping the bathrobe has also gone on. The neighbors across the back fence avoid eye contact with me. Hate those verminous disease-ridden varmints. The coons, not the neighbors.

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