Contest Links

Happy Friday! To launch the weekend in grand style here are some contest alerts, complete with links. 

This particular prize is of the quilted variety rather than yarn.  The Old Red Barn Co. is giving away THREE gorgeous quilts to three different people. To enter comment on this post.

Liz is celebrating her Bloggiversary by giving away some yummy Mirasol yarn. All you need to do is leave comments during the month of November.

Georgi is giving away yarn and other goodies. To enter all you need to do is tell her your favorite yarn and project.

Bonny, our three year old kitty, is sick or injured. The right side of her head is swollen up and she’s feeling quite poorly. The little dear will only lick at her food and her purr is broken.  I could find no evidence of an animal bite (raccoons come to mind immediately) and her teeth look okay as well with no sign of an abscess or infection. She will need to visit the vet today.  Other than welcoming the first sinus infection of the season (sarcasm) not much to report here. Cheers! 



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3 responses to “Contest Links

  1. Poor Bonny. Hope it’s nothing too serious. Poor baby. Poor Heidi. I H.A.T.E. sinus infections. Take care and have a good weekend, kiddo!

  2. Glad to hear that Tasha’s OK, and I hope Bonny will be OK, too. Can’t wait to see you! I should probably clean up a little, eh?
    Hugs, K

  3. Here’ s hoping both you and Bonny feel better fast!

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