WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday Strange Facts: The fear of vegetables is called lachanophobia. Support groups and on-line help are available for those who suffer from this affliction.

In the U.S. each person uses approximately fifty-seven sheets of toilet paper every day (this average may have been slightly skewed by my DH, and those like him, who need a three inch barrier between their hand and their business).

WTF Wednesday Law: In the city of Tacoma, WA it is illegal to leave an unattended car idling, even if the car is in the owner’s driveway.  Police officers issue $86.00 tickets to owners for cars discovered alone and running. Extra patrols are even added on frosty mornings to catch offenders. This is in an effort to prevent car thefts by eliminating temptation.  Um, why not  use those extra patrols to catch the car thieves instead of fining the owners? Punishing people for tempting thieves is ridiculous. What’s next, writing tickets for women dressed provocatively because they might tempt a rapist?

WTF Happenings at Home: After waking up at 5:00 am and realizing my youngest’s bed was empty a quick search ensued, revealing this scene in her sister’s room.


She must have had a nightmare, which would explain why they’ve covered their heads. Good thing the monster under the bed doesn’t grab feet and legs.

Why do my kids wait until the moment I’ve climbed into the bathtub before they decide that they need me immediately because there’s something really, really important and if I don’t come now the world will end?

And when did I become used to finding this in the tub?


I used to have standards. Now removing party guests before bathing is a routine, thoughtless act… kind of like putting on socks.

WTF Gifts: Finally, with the holidays fast approaching many scramble to find just the right gift for those hard to please folks who have everything.  Do you know someone with a banana peeling fetish?

Or my personal favorite, a set of mugs from

I’ve added a link to the Despair blog to my sidebar under the “Strange and Unusual” category for quick perusal of their shirts, calendars and other offerings. Shoppers can create personalized calendars by choosing from a wide assortment of demotivational phrases.

My favorite:

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. You made me laugh this morning. Thanks!

  2. CindyCindy

    Those mugs are priceless. I’d like the whole set. I’m with Sophanne. You made me laugh. Out loud even. And, someday that picture of the tub will bring tears to your eyes. Not this week, but some day.

  3. Yes, cover those heads – but don’t the toes get cold, kids?

  4. I’ve had a WTF day today, too. Luckily, the yarn arrived in the mail to quell my anxieties…or at least let me work on the project I set aside to work on the nightcap, which I finished today. Sickness abounds…looks like I’ll have one home tomorrow, too. At least there’s no school next week and I can take a road trip somewhere. And gas is cheap again! I bet that’s still Bush’s fault.

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