Frenzied Friday!

Tonight’s the night that A1 and I go to see Twilight. The books (I read them too so I’d know what my offspring was exposed to) were entertaining, but the hype and reviews of the movie have me cringing. Hopefully my daughter won’t be *disappointed with the translation to the big screen.

She’s prepared.



I’m prepared.


We’re the horrible criminal type who bring our own candy to the movies. It will be hidden beneath my knitting in case we’re frisked going in.  My knitting project is a mindless hat so I can zone out before the lights go off. Crowds and noise cause me to have panic attacks.  Knitting helps me find my happy place.


sorry about the glare, my photography leaves much to be desired

And to start the weekend on a positive note, here’s one of my most favorite, calming commercials.

* The new shirt and going to see the movie are her Christmas present from my DH and I. It would be terrible if she didn’t like it.



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6 responses to “Frenzied Friday!

  1. Roxie

    O my goodness, that commercial was grand!

    Hope the movie will be funner than you imagine and that the candy will go undetected.

  2. CindyCindy

    I LOVE that commercial. How sweet. As for the movie? May the force be with you;–) Have a great weekend!

  3. I like your preparations better.
    And I don’t buy stuff at the theater, either. In fact, if I wanted something to nosh during the movie, it wouldn’t be candy or overprices nachos in Cheez Wiz, anyway. Slip me a fresh hot pretzel any day.

    Hope your hearing survives. Maybe stash an mp3 player in your pocket?

  4. I usually go for the Twizzlers.
    Kelly’s been watching the vampire series on TV for some time.
    Nice hat! We may dash down tomorrow to drop off the woolie bits, but I have to be at a housewarming on Sunday, so I can’t stay too long. Hello to the family–take care,

  5. Very cool commercial.

    We are the bring your own criminals, too, sometimes. My son even brings his sushi! 🙂

  6. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this video. I am the user that posted this video and found your site as a link to my video.

    I love this commercial so much, its not just cute but it also has good music.

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