Unexpected Surprises!

The past several days have been filled with unexpected surprises.  First, this wonderful package came from Linda Jo over at The Beadknitter


Included were two skeins of gorgeous cotton blend sock yarn. The colors already have me thinking “Spring” and it isn’t even winter yet.  A jar of delicious looking Wild Huckleberry jam awaits our morning toast.  There is one of those fabulous sheepy needle gauges that I’ve coveted for years.  And the cherry on top of this wonderful treat…  handmade stitch markers!


These stitch markers look like jewelry they’re so beautiful. I may just slip several on a chain and wear them for a necklace.  Thank you Linda Jo!

Another surprise came when we discovered our apples were finally ready for picking. Actually, they may not be ready even now, but as the end of November approaches my impatience dictated that it be harvest time. Now.


While harvesting these, A3 picked some onions because she felt sorry for them being left all alone in the desolate, cold weed patch garden.


Not all surprises are pleasant.  For example, discovering a first grade student under the desk drinking out of my water bottle yesterday really creeped me out.  He’s a sweet little goober, but he always has a runny nose and looks like he’s been building mud pies at recess.  The worse part… I don’t think this was his first offense, just the first time he was caught.


My poor, violated water bottle has since been sterilized with scalding hot water and a bleach bath.  It will now be kept in a safer location. The kidlet didn’t get into trouble, but I told him that he shouldn’t drink after others because he could catch germs.  Good thing I’ve resisted the urge to put vodka in there… although then the germs wouldn’t have been an issue.

Postal surprize number two came in the form of two knitting magazines in one day. I’ve not had a chance to look at either yet.


The movie surprise from last night came from the behavior of fellow movie patrons. Of course I expected crowds of young girls wearing lots of black and emanating a charged atmosphere driven by hormones and unrealistic expectations of romance. What I didn’t expect was that of the 200 people watching the sold out showing with us that the middle aged patrons would be the obnoxious ones. They cut and crowded in line, screamed out loud during the credits and acted like rabid fans at a rock concert.  Seriously, they actually screamed the first time the main character walked on stage.  The pinnacle of bad behavior came when a group of four sitting directly behind us began loudly discussing having sex in a hot tub. My twelve year old daughter leaned over and whispered that she thought they were all idiots and then she thanked me for acting my age. The movie itself was okay. A1 enjoyed it.

The final surprise is yet to come. The house is blessedly picked up enough and all occupants, both two legged and four legged, are content enough that my immediate attention isn’t required. I plan on sitting down with my tea to enjoy the new magazines in peace and quiet.





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4 responses to “Unexpected Surprises!

  1. Christy

    WOW !!! You go girl!!! Postal treats and alone time…All I seem to get are bills and “mom can you take me to…”

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    What fabulous treats! I hope you enjoyed your 10 minutes of down time, dear.

  3. Roxie

    Hooray for A1! So glad you enjoyed your movie in spite of the rudesbies who were old enough to know better.

    Tea and knitting magazines on a Navember afternoon. Life is GOOD!

  4. Some people only become adults chronologically. Hope you enjoyed your magazines and tea! I’m about half-way done with Ben’s second sock. I also did a lot of cutting for a new quilt. Pictures posted soon!

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