Catching Up

The past 36 hours were spent trying to catch up on miscellaneous “to-dos”.  You know, those little things that won’t halt the world if not done, but their being undone haunts the fringes of your consciousness and nag at you, especially when trying to relax.

Yesterday and today  miscellaneous junk we don’t need or use  treasures were sorted and listed for sale on Ebay and Craigslist. This monumental undertaking will never be completed as we always tend to acquire more stuff.

Yesterday the girls and I all got our flu shots. My DH had had his the previous week.  A3 surprised me by wanting to be the first in line and then encouraging her sisters. That’s been a big thing nagging to be done.

This morning I went to Urgent Care and finally picked up some antibiotics for the sinus infection that’s been plaguing me for two+ weeks. Work, etc. prevented me going sooner.

The girls and I went through my “Treasure” drawer and reminisced. They’ve been wanting to peek inside for awhile. Any thief opening my nightstand is sure to be disappointed and perhaps a little puzzled by the contents.


Inside are gifts from my girls and other children as well. These include handmade items, notes, pictures and even the occasional purchased gift. Once the drawer becomes too crowded then I move everything to a storage tote.  There are approximately 6 full totes in our attic. Should I die suddenly my family is going to curse me for leaving them with so much sorting, etc.

Elsewhere, the girls have been pleading and nagging for a long time to submit a picture for Stuff on My Cat.  Last night Tasha modeled art supplies for the occasion.  She’s either extremely patient or just too old to run away. The session was kept short and heavier items, like the paper cutter, were vetoed by mom.


Having completed most of my holiday shopping early (not bragging, I started way early and our list of items being purchased was condensed) means that I’ve been able to plan some candy-making and baking sessions with my daughters.  Supplies were picked up this morning, with the exception of some small, cellophane bags and the Nilla Wafers to make Roxie’s Rum Balls.

I’ve knitted a small amount on the shells for some Christmas hats.


When finished they will be lined and have I-Chord edging and ties… I think. My goal is to create extra warm hats, but I didn’t want to double the yarn or use a heavy weight.  Thrumming crossed my mind, however, the results would have made the people’s heads look like giant Q-Tip tops because of the added bulk. I’ve another idea for a warm, non-traditional lining that I hope to try over the next couple of days. If it doesn’t work then I’ll just knit a second identical hat for each, turn it inside out, shove it in the first hat and sew the edges together.  Pictures will depend on the success or failure of this endeavor.

The entire Christmas knitting list was completed, but the length is rather daunting. Some folks might just be getting the homemade candy this year by itself.  If holiday planning becomes too overwhelming then I’ll drink the booze intended for the rum balls and sing Christmas Carols via telephone to those on my list. Hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend.




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4 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Knit thrummed hats for the people you know who have pin heads (like I do) – they will appreciate the extra “bulk”.

  2. That could be entertaining… “We wish you am murry chrissssmusth (hic!)…”
    I’m knitting the elf hats like mad (half way through #4!) and my nephew has requested mittens. We’ll see how that goes. We haven’t chosen names yet for holiday exchanges, so I don’t know what I’m getting for my side of the family. It’s hard to shop early when you don’t know who you’re shopping for!
    Do your girls have school at all this week?

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Love your treasures. And, Tasha looks wonderful. And, colorful. As for your alternate plans? I like them more than the “preferred” plans. At least you have a plan;–)

  4. I hope Crayola Cat makes it to SOMC. 🙂

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