Can’t Write… Busy Knitting

Some executive decisions mean more knitting time this evening.

First, the girls were asked to chose dinner and they picked this…


Really. There was no cajoling on my part whatsoever ;).

The next decision was to let the leaves compost on the front lawn.


With any luck they’ll rot and kill the grass beneath so we won’t have to mow next spring either.

And although it’s Monday this is really like a Thursday because of a two day school week.  Thankfully homework was kept light. Some times teachers pile it on at inopportune moments. Multiply that by three kids and it translates to an entire evening re-living elementary and Jr. High nightmares best left forgotten.

With these major chores out of the way it’s back to the hat lining experiment. Not to imply that this technique has never been done before, but this is the first time that I’ve tried  it.


The roving is alpaca and I’m sewing little loops to the inside of the hat with a needle. I’m trying to only use the purl loops and not go all of the way through the hat. It looks like Berber carpet from the side. Up close from the top it looks like a Berber carpet with mange. 


Some places may need extra filler. It’s going fairly well and the overall bulk is quite minimal. Hope everyone had a magnificent Monday.

Oh, and since my goal of relaxing this weekend with that cup of tea and a magazine were demolished in about 3 nanoseconds I feel no guilt for tonight’s indulgence… okay, so maybe just a little.



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2 responses to “Can’t Write… Busy Knitting

  1. CindyCindy

    Clever idea on the hats. Hope it works out just the way you want it to. I don’t think you should feel a bit of guilt. Your sanity is important for the well being of your entire pod;–)

  2. We were feeling bad about not touching a rake all season until I read your decision regarding the leaves to RR – he’s completely on board, especially since our mower died on its way into the new shed for it’s annual nap…*sigh*

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