Ten on Tuesday

My idea of having a “Grateful” list for today’s post is blatantly and unabashedly copied from my dear friend, Cindy.  Never having been good with math, my list is a little longer though. Also,being a bear of little brain means that my list is cliche’ and corny, but alas, it’s sincere.

1. My family. Seriously, as much as I complain about my DH’s obsessive computer gaming and the girls’ antics my family means everything to me.  I marvel at the uniqueness of each of my children and enjoy their company to no end. My extended family  is pretty wonderful too.

2. My home. It’s often messy, and lord knows it will never grace the pages of a decorating magazine, but I love it and I’m grateful for living in a warm, safe place.

3. My country. Yes, the economy is currently tanked, but we can move about freely, speak openly and my girls are viewed as equals rather than property or second class citizens.

4. My job. Sometimes I complain about working but truth be told, it’s a great job. I love working with kids and having the same schedule as my own daughters is priceless. Sure, I’d love better benefits and fewer germs but with layoffs happening left and right the security of work is priceless.

5. My husband’s job. After having spent nearly 10 months unemployed several years back, his current position makes us all especially grateful.  Unemployment can now happen to virtually anyone and it’s often unexpected. My heart goes out to those every-growing numbers of people facing this hardship. These are hard working, often long-term employees who are victims to the global economy, outsourcing, and corporations driven by the stock market. Hopefully most people realize this and don’t assume that those unemployed are lazy or somehow at fault.

6. My pets. Our two kitties and two birds bring the girls and I so much joy and entertainment (my dh… not so much). Caring for animals does indeed seem like a luxury now days. With so many pets being abandoned and left at shelters I wish we were able to take in another, but for the present we cannot.

7. My friends. Many of my friends are rarely seen due to distance and some friends I’ve never met except on-line, but all are important and dear to me.

8. Plumbing. Seriously, can you imagine life without clean water? The ability to turn on a tap and instantly have access to clean water for drinking, cooking, laundry and bathing is often taken for granted. The idea of having an outhouse (incidentally, when my mom was a small child in Montana, this was all they had) instead of a warm, indoor toilet to use is horrendous.  The final part of this plumbing gratitude is to have HOT running water. My nightly bath is a routine luxury that I’d be lost without.

9. My education. I’ve never been the sharpest tool in the shed, and honestly, much of what I know comes from experience and longevity, rather than a mere 4 year degree, but I treasure my ability to read, think and apply my warped logic to daily events.

10. Health. Okay, so I have Multiple Sclerosis, but nobody’s perfect. In the overall scheme of things my whole family has been quite fortunate. So often a genetic roll of the dice or an unexpected accident steals this from people.

11. My sense of humor.  True, I’m no Ron White or Lucille Ball, but I entertain myself to no end.  I gravitate towards the quirky, silly and often snarky people of the world when dealing with daily monotony. Alas, my biggest problem is keeping the filters in place that refrain me from speaking many of these thoughts… especially at work.

In honor of the last item, I’d like to share a classic with you. Many have seen it before, but it makes me chuckle, especially when teaching math to second grade students. The logic can be truly dizzying.



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2 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. CindyCindy

    Absolutely lovely, and original, list. Thanks for the reminder about “country”. We are very blessed. I have to wait until I get home to view your video. No sound at work;–(

  2. That must be that thar new math. Never could get my head wrapped ’round that. 🙂
    Great list…I’ll have to come up with something very similar for my blog.

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