Thanksgiving 2008

This year we drove to my parents’ home for Thanksgiving. Not surprisingly, traffic on the interstate was heavy and slow.


The girls read and I started knitting a thrummed hat.  This hat will be the third in my lined hat experiment.

Once there everyone jostled for position around the butt magnet woodstove.


My parents’ house is located on a dead end road, surrounded by lots of trees. It’s very quiet there except for the roar of the ocean on stormy days. The combination of cooking smells, warmth and quiet made everyone sleepy so we lounged quietly while dinner cooked. My mom had already set the tables. Anything that could be done ahead of time was completed before our arrival.

Not surprisingly, mom had prepared three varieties of homemade cranberry sauces (my parents have a cranberry farm). The cranberry salsa, pictured on the far left, was wonderful. I asked for the recipe but she’d just made it up without writing down measurements, etc. Mom has a knack for whipping up delightful dishes that no one can replicate.


Other dinner guests for this year’s feast included Brad and Becky (family friends), Grandpa Porgy and Great Aunt Ruth.


around the table from left to right: Mom, Brad, Becky, Grandpa Porgy, Dad, Great Aunt Ruth

The girls quietly ate at their own table.


Later that evening we were joined by my sister and BIL.

Friday morning we drove home early to take care of the animals and other pending business.

The rest of our weekend we’ll catch up on chores and perhaps start making some Christmas candy. Roxy said the rum balls need time to season. 

Here are the hats in progress. All prototypes are destined for someone who spends lots of time outdoors.  It’s been an interesting experiment.


I hope the weekend passes uneventfully for everyone.



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4 responses to “Thanksgiving 2008

  1. CindyCindy

    Sounds lovely. I love the picture of A1 with her nose in the book;–) And, it looks like your hat experiment is a success! Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Glad you got out and back and all safely!

    Interesting hat experiment you’re running there.

  3. Roxie

    Looks like an iconic holiday! And those hats should be best sellers at the Cranberry farmers’ bazzar. Soooo cozy!

  4. I’m curious to see what the hats will look like when finished. Still looking for a weekend to head south to deliver woolens to you! Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full!

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