CCQF Inspection

First, I must apologize for the poor quality of the photos in this post. In my defense though it’s necessary to point out that my camera is a piece of CRAP!

Bonny appointed herself Chief Christmas Quality Inspector this year.  Her first order of business was to condemn some inferior gift knitting.


“You call this Knitting? I took part of it off the needles for you, but you can frog the rest yourself.  You have thumbs and everything! For shame human, for shame.”

Next on her list was the tree. 


“This thing doesn’t smell as yummy as last year’s tree. And where are all the kitty presents? Oh, I see the problem. These little dangly things at the bottom are taking up too much room. I’ll remove them so you can fit my gifts under this shrub.”


“No, I was NOT playing with this. I just was clearing a path to the tree.

Finally came the building inspections for the newly constructed village. The CCQI thoroughly checked zoning and codes for compliance.


Citations were issued for assemblies gathered without permits. Crowds were dispersed with harsh warnings and minimal violence.


“Move along, move along. No meetings or gatherings of more than 10 people without a permit. You in the blue dress, I resent you trying to bribe me! (Psst, hey lady, leave the nip and crunchy treats behind the church and I”ll be back to pick them up later). “



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8 responses to “CCQF Inspection

  1. CindyCindy

    Made me laugh out loud. I’m so glad you have “in home help”;–)

  2. That’s so cute! I’ll have to enjoy the holiday decor through you. I’m not sure about having a tree this year with kitten Dusty, he’s been on a rampage lately, and the thought of a tree is daunting.

  3. Every home needs a QC inspector!

  4. Remember, Bonny…he sees you when you’re sleeping…
    Tonight’s quilting night. I gotta do something constructive!!

  5. Girl, you are putting me to shame! I am not even sure where my Christmas stuff is!! AND, I’m in panic mode that there is only 20 days left until Christmas!!

  6. Actually, I’ve gotta tell you, I love that picture of Bonny in the little village. Has sort of a modern King Kong feel. “Cat on my Stuff.”
    Busy this weekend? I want to run away.

  7. Christy

    OMG…I miss you girly! Pardon me for roflmao!!!
    Give your inspector a hug from me and tell her to keep up the good work. If all else fails with the ‘Village’ people Bonny…send’m to the coons!! LOL 🙂

  8. Rae

    Hey can Bonnie come over as a contractor and go through the teenager’s life, room, and truck?!?!?

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