Festive Weekend

Saturday morning A1 and her BFF sang with their school choir in our town’s Hometown Holiday Celebration.


Perfect blue skies and unseasonally warm weather brought out lots of revelers.  There were free rides in a horse-drawn wagon.


Even the head elf took a ride!


Because I’d promised not to embarrass the girls when they were performing I took pictures from a distance.  


In addition to the carolers, a minstrel group performed and the local school band played in a nearby park.

At the craft fair I happened upon a spinner. We chatted for a few minutes until my daughters dragged me away.


The younger girls met Frosty.


The older ones sported mistletoe but had no takers.


They all decorated cookies. Yummy!


We perused local shops and admired some fine art (that’s a dancing rabbit)


All of the celebrating left us tired and hungry so we stopped and ate lunch at a local Mexican restaurant before heading home.


We’d only been home a few minutes when Karen, Emma and Cammie arrived for a visit. Karen had brought 4 huge bags full of wool that she’d obtained from several different sources.


She also delivered two quilts that she’d finished on her long arm machine for me. I’d intended on finishing these for my girls, but they’d been in my UFO pile for years before she rescued them from project purgatory. Thank you Karen, they’re beautiful!


The girls all played with Pokemon, Littlest Petshop, etc. and had a grand time. Karen made a quadruple batch of her famous chocolate chip cookies  and then we settled in to explore some leads on Ancestry.com.  My dad is interested in learning more about his family and Karen is the geneology guru.

Sunday morning everyone woke up and prepared to head out to different locals. Karen and her girls drove down to Portland to visit her brother, Mike.

My girls and I packed up some of the yummy cookies and headed down to my husband’s National Guard Unit for their family Christmas Party.

The party was low-key and very pleasant. Someone had brought in a Wii and movies to entertain the kids. Later in the afternoon Santa arrived. A1 didn’t want to sit on his lap but she was up for a high five.


A3 agreed to visit him. She divulged that her Christmas wish is to have super powers.  Hopefully he didn’t agree to the gift.


A2 couldn’t be bothered with Santa, she was digging the Wii. A very, very small amount of Christmas knitting was finished.

This evening I pulled out some of the wool and started to clean a little pile for a test spin.





All in all, it was a great weekend.  I still need to write the dreaded Christmas letter, address envelopes, sign cards and take care of some overseas mailings.  Perhaps a few pots of coffee will do the trick. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Festive Weekend

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    What a great weekend. And, that pic of you is terrific!

  2. Rae

    Sounds like you girls had a great weekend. What fun! Love the quilts!

  3. You are so organized.

  4. We had a great time visiting and I’m glad you like the quilts. Thanks for the little gifties for the kids and me! It was so thoughtful! I’m looking forward to diving into that chai! Let me know how the wool spins up for you. Hugs, K

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