Progress Report

A.k.a. updates for Grandma and anybody else who is really, really bored. 

 A1’s official report card arrived in the today’s mail. We knew she’d done an excellent job, but seeing it on paper makes it seem more believable.  Perhaps  if  she’d clean her room, stop fighting with her sisters and help with the laundry (most of which she generates) her success elsewhere wouldn’t be as surprising.

A3 sang in her Holiday Concert tonight. She was clean and her clothes even matched! Here she is with her adorable teacher.  Mrs. H. is excellent with the kids, has the patience of a saint and I’m old enough to be her mother.

The gymnasium was about triple its official capacity so many of us had to stand or sit on the floor. A3 is circled in red. Even using the zoom feature did little to capture a better shot.


I’ve told  my daughters that no matter how wonderful their teachers are that me finishing knitted gifts for them before next week is not feasible.  The girls can pass out Christmas cards and I’ll shoot for June presents.  Lately only a few measly mitts have been produced.


Miss Bonny has her nose bent out of joint because she’s been by and large ignored these past few days.  She made a point of coming into the living room this evening and then sitting with her back facing me.  Showing disdain for the human does no good if they don’t know they’re being ignored. It’s a cat thing.




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3 responses to “Progress Report

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m not bored and I love your updates. Bonny is a diva. Or, at least she thinks she is;–) Try to breath, kiddo.

  2. Everybody looks great! And nice grades!

    OT: I’m in panic baking mode. Did I get the amazing gingersnaps recipe from you last year? I think so, but I can’t find it anymore!

    Stupid me, I’d better check your archives…

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