In Which I Disappoint My Children Without Even Trying

The girls went to bed last night planning how to spend their “snow day” today. Unfortunately, an early morning automated phone call broke the news that rather than a cancellation, our district had opted for a two-hour delay.  We just happen to live in a little pocket that didn’t receive near as much snow as other areas of the Pacific Northwest. They didn’t believe me so they immediately turned on a local television station which showed footage of children sledding and playing blissfully in the snow. All the while school closures scrolled across the bottom of the screen, not including theirs. In actuality I’m in no way accountable for the decisions made by the administration but in their minds I’m responsible. Here is a shot of our neighborhood with Mt. St. Helens peeking up from behind the houses.


Their second “mom disappointment” came at breakfast time.  In my defense I’d like to point out that in a dark pantry it’s virtually impossible to discerne between these two bottles.


Luckily we had more waffles.

The third let down happened when I told them that none of my recent knitting included new mittens or hats for them.  The onset of arctic weather had them scrambling to find appropriate attire.  They each have several pairs of hand knitted mittens, an avalanche of hats and even some of those cheap Dollar Store stretchy gloves floating around. None of these items can be found now, although this summer they frequently popped up while searching for swimsuit pieces. The girls’ annoyance was further amplified when they spotted me adding a few rows to a baby sweater, obviously not for any of them.


Finally,  I secured their disapproval by suggesting they take leftovers for today’s lunch. Saturday’s lunch out with Susan and the gang had me hankering for more middle eastern food. So yesterday I made vegetarian dolmas and spanakopita. The girls  enjoyed them last night, but they don’t want to take them to school.  When surrounded by peers with Wonder Bread sandwiches and Hostess snack cakes this is not the kind of food one wants to be seen eating.


Since their dad is home  (his work place  is closed for the day because of snow and ice) perhaps he’ll slap together some PB&J’s and save the day.

Happy Monday everyone!



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10 responses to “In Which I Disappoint My Children Without Even Trying

  1. I almost gagged on the Mrs Butterworth’s/Kikkoman picture.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    We can disappoint the children without effort or awareness. I’ve done it many many times. I howled when I saw the soy sauce/syrup picture. Ewwww!

  3. OMG I just loved the title of the post!

  4. Ohhhh…Soy sauce on pancakes! That’s fantastic. Reminds me of the time I was trying to thicken chili with flour, only to find out about 5 cups later when it just wouldn’t thicken that I was using sugar!

  5. You had mentioned the other day that the bottles were very similar…maybe you should twist-tie some chopsticks on the soy sauce bottle. The spanikopita looks awesome! I’d eat it!
    Hope you find all the mittens and hats before Wednesday!
    Hugs, K

  6. BTW, I had to do a very careful search for the mountain, only to realize that Mt St Helens got a Marine-style flat-top a few decades ago. I’m not used to seeing non-pointy mountains!

  7. Rae

    I too disappointed my little one yesterday with forcing him to go to school in sub zero temps as he would put it.

  8. mmmmmm dolmas! A Greek restaurant near me does the rice inside with a little tomato flavoring — heaven! And spinach pie…

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