The current temperature here is 13°F/-11°C, not accounting for the windchill factor.  Tomorrow promises more snow and a continuation of the arctic conditions is expected throughout the week.  Thank heavens for my most favorite socks.


Cindy made these for me this year and they’re wonderfully warm and squishy.

This week I’ve incorporated a gingerbread theme into all of our reading, math and writing activities. Hopefully the predicted snow won’t keep us from school on Friday because the kidlets will get to decorate gingerbread men to take home. That last part is important because I’m NOT spending several hours with children who are not my own that are hyped up on sugar. My love of little people only goes so far.

Our van should be ready for pick up today.  We needed to replace the master cylinder and the brake pads, etc. The master cylinder was under warranty but the brakes themselves were not. It’s always something, but the ability to stop mustn’t be trivialized so I won’t complain… much.

Hope everyone stays warm today.



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2 responses to “Randomness

  1. Lovely warm socks! I should get my green socks out. It’s been a day here. Emma needed to get two shots and BOY, did she fight it. It was exhausting and embarrassing and required reinforcements. She’s far too big for that kind of nonsense. I’m going to knit for a while…and calm down.

  2. Damn. Could the stupid brakes have waited until after January??? I had to have mine replaced in the summer. Ouch. Love the socks and am so glad you enjoy them. What a sweetheart to incorporate gingerbread into your lessons. They’d be lucky if I incorporated slugs or roaches;–)

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