Happy Birthday A3!

Regular Wednesday postings have been pre-empted for this special occasion. Today marks the completion of my youngest daughter’s 8th ride around the sun!

Because she’s now 8, here are 8 random facts about A3:


first summer in Spanaway

1. She walked at the unheard of early age of 6 months. This was not at our encouragement, she just was energetic and had two older sisters to keep up with.  I don’t often tell people this fact because they rarely believe me.  At her 6 month check up the nurse was so befuddled that she called the receptionist and two P.A.s in to witness the account before documenting it on her progress chart.  One time a visitor to our home actually chewed me out for “letting” her walk early. The  hostile, near stranger proceeded to tell me that A3’s bones would be damaged if we didn’t stop her. Not knowing what else to say I asked the lady if perhaps I should start pushing A3 down. 

a351 playing a duet with a friend


2. She LOVES music. When she was little she would spend countless hours playing on the piano. Oiy! She still spends a great deal of time, but thank heavens her songs are now recognizable. We can’t afford piano lessons, but I’ve given some rudimentary assistance with music reading (6 years of band finally paying off). For her birthday her Grandma Karen (my mom) and I ordered her an electronic keyboard.  With headphones!  Now she can play to her heart’s content without driving everyone around her crazy.


3. A3 can’t sit still. She really and truly does have ADHD (lots of kids are misdiagnosed and medicated for adult convenience) as well as a few other challenges. The good things about this are that she has a high metabolism and can eat as much as she wants to without gaining weight and that she’s also extremely athletic. Unfortunately, with all of this activity comes lots of injuries too. Luckily her teacher this year is amazingly kind ,  patient and supplied with lots of bandaids.

nwtrek4. She looks like her dad. A lot.

5. Her favorite color is pink.


6. Her favorite animals are now and always have been cats.

7. She loves to spin, knit and read. She currently reads above a 5th grade level, in spite of her other challenges.


When I dress her                                     When she dresses herself

8. She has an endearing, although sometimes frustrating aversion to matching clothes.

We love you lots, happy birthday!



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday A3!

  1. CindyCindy

    Happy Happy Birthday, A3!!!!! I can’t believe you’re 8 already. And, Mom? Her aversion to matching clothes means she’s very artistic! We have one in our family and she’s graduating from the School of Art of Chicago this year.

  2. Happy birthday, to my fellow Dec. 17ther A3!!! I LOVE these photos you shared, especially the one with her pop. So sweet. :)!

  3. Happy birthday to a fellow December baby! And I love your response to the nurse. Well done!

  4. Happy birthday, Sweetie! Hope you have a really great day! Many big hugs, “auntie” Karen and the rest of the O’s!

  5. Roxie

    Eight years? Wow!! Good work!

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