Ode to Insanity

T’was a week before Christmas

And no cards were sent


*Lights were not hung

For the happy event


Someone ate the candy

We’d made with such care


The present spot under our tree

Was quite bare


 Bored cranky children fought

And made messes


Adding unduly

To holiday stresses


Unfinished gifts

Lay sadly forlorn



Wondering if they would

Ever be worn


Partaking of spirits

With morning caffeine



Might help mom escape

From the Christmas routine


     Unexpected snow days mean that we’ve been plunged into winter break early. Freezing rains have kept the girls indoors. They’re bored and running amok. A rather cranky mom is going to go “Drill Sergeant” on them today and make them clean up then help address cards, write letters, etc. If you should receive a card with a note written in purple crayon sometime before Groundhog Day then it may be from us… and I probably wrote it. Cheers!

*Yes, these are our actual outside Christmas lights and yes, I have plugged them in for the neighbors’ enjoyment. 



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10 responses to “Ode to Insanity

  1. LOL! I like your post ;o)

    If it makes you feel any better, we just finally decorated the tree on Tuesday after it had been in our living room, undecorated, for a week. I finally hug up a wreath out front yesterday and I haven’t even thought of cards this year…

  2. CindyCindy

    If you send out cards, you are one of maybe 3 this year. Fabulous poetry. You made me laugh. And, Kahlua and coffee? Nirvana for sure!

  3. Cards are just valid after New Year’s Day as before.

  4. I haven’t sent out the cards this year either. I sent out one–it was something I saw in the store and I HAD to send it to a specific person. I need to get DH’s approval on the letter before I make 50 copies and mail it out. Getting close to finishing the gifts, though. I have one hat to finish and two (or three) quilted bags. They should go fairly quickly once I get the parts cut out. Stay warm!

  5. Heh, I don’t have kids, but am in the same situation: no cards, no presents under the tree. Oh, and no tree yet, either. Seeing your Kahlua for the coffee looks great.

  6. Roxie

    I rather like your approach to the lights. And I remember when Christmas hoohah didn’t start till around now anyhow. Put the kids to work. Once they get over the inertia, they will enjoy themselves. This may be one of those Christmases in their fondest memories.

  7. We’re lucky not to have snow days down here, although I guess the children would disagree! My Christmas chaos seems to have abated a bit this year. My lists have really helped, and shopping online. I haven’t gone anywhere brick-and-mortar for a single gift.

    I am behind on the baking, though, and must do 2 kinds of cookies today. I would be much further behind if I had had any work but that’s a double-edged sword!

  8. Ha! I love it. And I so understand it. Make some snowballs and use them as targets.

  9. Gillian Fergusson

    What a wonderful time you all have chez Heideho. You hide it well! but life is obviously a breeze, a pleasure, funny and well organised!!! (now and then) How else would you have been able to write poetry and take wonderful pics to show off your literary prowess?

    Christmas will happen regardless of your efforts to reduce it to one day…25th December:-) All of us who read about you will be hoping for that anyway.

    Have a great day all of you. Have a wonderful New Year to follow. I plan to get back to blogging then and will correspond more effectively.

    Thankyou for your continued friendship and support.
    Love for now, Gillian

  10. Count me in for the Kahlua. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?!

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