The Marathon, A Time Sucker and Contests!

4:03 am  received automated phone call that work/school had been cancelled, yet again, due to inclimate weather

4:10 am started coffee pot, warmed up pc, reviewed game plan for the day

4:15 am enjoyed coffee and uninterrupted internet time

5:00 am washed dishes

5:30 am carried out garbage and recycling

6:00 am cooked breakfast (oatmeal today)

6:30 am washed dishes again

7:00 am printed Christmas letter (written yesterday with the help of my family, who was coerced into contributing for the first time in history)

7:00 am began addressing and signing cards while letters printed

9:00 am located school pictures, cut and separated into piles

9:30 am began stuffing, licking and stamping envelopes

10:00 am wrapped and packed packages for overseas and long distances

10:45 am made list of errands, packed up van and realized two youngest children were MIA

11:00 am found and scolded children

11:20 am stood at line at post office with grumpy, impatient people

11:50 am dropped by bank

12:05 pm returned books to library

12:10 pm bought groceries

1:10 pm placated hungry children with yucky and unhealthy fast food

1:30 pm picked up medication from the pharmacy

2:00 pm home again for laundry, cooking, dishes and, God willing, a nap. 

2:10 pm realize that putting away groceries, cleaning, etc. would be much easier if I could breathe.

2:11 pm shed the Jimmy Dean Sausage impression by changing out of too-tight jeans for ugly, comfy sweat pants

2:15 pm now that breathing is possible realize that I have a headache

2:20 pm sit down at computer and get sucked in checking out a new website

2:30 pm listen with befuddlement while children laugh hysterically at an Ernest movie… I never thought he was funny.

2:50 pm head in to make another pot of coffee for afternoon activities, notice it’s snowing again

Whoo hoo!  Lots was finished today. If you find yourself with any extra time or if you want to make someone an unusual homemade gift I recommend this website  Christy led me to it a couple of days back. 

Also, Susan is having a sweet contest over at her site and you have until the 21st to enter. She’ll be giving away two lovely skeins of Lorna’s Laces.  Jessie  is also having a contest to celebrate reaching a posting milestone so head on over to visit her as well. Cheers!

P.S. My camera is broken again so no new pictures.



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4 responses to “The Marathon, A Time Sucker and Contests!

  1. Wow! You got a lot done! Did you know that you can now schedule a pick up from the post office? I don’t know how many days in advance you need to request it, or if it’s allowed for international packages, so it might have been best to mail those overseas packages in person. Something to look into for next time, though. I haven’t gotten any further on my cards and letters yet. Still waiting for DH approval.

  2. Now, I am tired.
    And wishing I’d accomplished a little more today.

  3. I fee like such a slacker.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! ;o) I wish I could get half as much done as you do…though, getting away from the puter might help me a bit. ;o))

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