Let it snow…

This morning we finally awoke to a respectable amount of snow instead of just icy coldness.


After lunch everyone bundled up warmly.  My first layer included the extra-long knee socks made last spring.


Strangely enough though, we were short of hats.  There are plenty here, they just couldn’t be located.

Then we all went to the nearby university and went sledding.




Many others joined in the fun. After about 45 minutes my DH and I were feeling our age and the girls started to get cold so we came home for hot drinks.  During one tandem run with A3 we narrowly missed a tree trunk but managed to take some branches full-on to the forehead.  Ouch!

The snow has continued all day non-stop.  The mountain passes are expecting between two and three feet of new snow plus winds up to 75 miles per hour. Thank heavens we’re low enough to escape that mess. It ain’t a fit night out for man nor beast!



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5 responses to “Let it snow…

  1. Emma and Cammie have made daily trips to the local sledding hot spot, so I feel like we’re finally getting our money’s worth out of that purchase of the sled. I should have bought two, though. Lots of snow falling here…I only hope it will last long enough for me to get some decent pictures.
    Stay warm!

  2. I hope that’s about it for your winter, too. Snow gets old real fast for me. Silly, but hysterical, video.

  3. Rae

    About time they got to sled. We took the boys last weekend. Of course I stayed dried by being the camera lady.

  4. I think my mother still has nightmares about the day I took my sled between two headstones on cemetery hill – with mere inches to spare on each side…

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