It’s now approximately 10:40 am.  The neighborhood looks like this:




We have about 14 inches of snow total, with a layer of hard ice at about the 1 ft mark, making it very difficult to walk unless you’re on a sidewalk or other frequented path.  Yesterday the two youngest tried playing in the backyard but they ended up with cuts on their shins from the ice. The last picture shows a tree we lost near our garden.  We wanted to get rid of the cypresses there anyway.

My DH has decided to walk the 2.15 miles over hill and dale to a nearby grocery store for provisions, including COFFEE! Truth be told, he was suffering from estrogen poisoning after being cooped up inside with  all of us and he’s glad to be getting out. He brought his cell phone and there are a few drivers out and about should he get stuck and need to hitch a ride. I suggested that we all go, but he insisted that he didn’t want us to make the trek.  Visions of pulling the girls (or my big butt) home on a sled if we ran out of steam probably were behind his refusal. Cheers!


My hero!  My wonderful Dh just scored major extra bonus points.  He’s home safe and warm. We have bread (which was way lighter than him carrying home a bag of flour so I could bake bread), coffee and a few other necessities.

I present, the ambrosia of the gods…


All is right with the universe again.



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10 responses to “911 – UPDATE – UPDATED AGAIN!

  1. CindyCindy

    That, and snowed in? Oh, my gosh. Would the police make an emergency delivery for Christmas???

  2. You need an airdrop! Like now!

  3. Did he make it home with coffee yet?

  4. Your DH is a hero in my book too!! When they were rumoring lots and lots of snow I made sure to buy a big container of Folgers. OK not my favorite by a long shot but it is coffee. And looking at your pics I think we match you flake for flake but no ice.

  5. Woohoo! Coffee!

    I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read the update. I might have sprayed liquid out of my nose when I read “estrogen poisoning”.

  6. I think Kelly’s about done being cooped up with us, too. Of course, he worked every day last week–even when school was cancelled–and he worked from home today. Maybe I’ll actually get the new gingerbread house assembled tomorrow (the first one was smashed by a curious BenMonster and one wall was partially eaten) so the kids will have something to do. Maybe I’ll also quilt a UFO for Cammie’s IOU.

  7. What a true hero!!!! If he wasn’t already married to you, and I wasn’t already married to Pea, I’d snatch him right up. 🙂

  8. Roxie

    You married a real cowboy, there! Hooray for him! I bet he feels quite pleased with himself, and I bet he slept really well last night. It’s GOOD for a man to rescue his womenfolk now and then.

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