Not A Dickey!

This morning I blocked my lace cowl with a little help from Bonny.


The yarn was a present from Cindy last year. It is alpaca, named Lily, after the wool contributor.  I’ve been holding off making something from it until just the right project came along.  It never did, so I made one up.  After all, a girl can only hold out for so long.

My Dh came into the bedroom looking confused and asked what I’d made. I told him it was a cowl. He had never heard of a cowl before so I tried explaining its function to him.  I told him it was worn under a coat, but over a shirt to keep your neck and ears warm.  Suddenly his face lit up and he exclaimed, “You made a dickey!”

At this point visions of Randy Quaid’s character of cousin Eddie in *National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation were all I could think of.  This is definitely not a dickey. A quick search of the internet to aid in my explanation revealed that what I made is NOT a cowl either.

Well, what ever it is that I made, he graciously took some pictures. Here it is worn over a shirt.


And here it is worn under my coat.


I explained to him that it worked better than scarfs for me because even though I may start out with them looking like this…


They inevitably slip around, become tangled and just plain look sloppy on me.  He agreed that my new garment would be much for functional, practical and simple to wear… kind of like a short-bus version of a scarf for those of us who need extra help. 

Speaking of needing extra help…  I decided to felt some socks I’d made earlier in the year so that I’d have something really dense and heavy to wear on the drafty floors.  Several washings revealed that I must have inadvertently grabbed a wool-blend for the heel and toe of the sock on the left. Oops!


*National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of my most favorite Christmas movies ever.  A while back my DH and I decided to make popcorn and share it with our daughters. Everyone munched away while laughing hysterically until the scene where Great Aunt Bethany’s cat gets fried by chewing on the light cord.  A2 and A3 both started crying inconsolably. The silly kidlets.  They’re old enough (8 and 10) to know that this is just a movie and nothing happened to the cat.  Their unexpected overreaction made the rest of us laugh even harder.  We didn’t mean to. It just happened.



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4 responses to “Not A Dickey!

  1. We are all going to have sock nightmares tonight. You do realize that, don’t you?

    Sorry about the heel/toe thingy…

  2. Nice dickie! Or cowl. Or mantle…whatever you call it. It’s very pretty!

  3. That is one gorgeous alpaca cowl. It looks fabulous. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Your story about the little ones made me laugh out loud;-)

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