Merry Christmas All Day Long!

An on-going Christmas Saga, color coded for your convenience

7:08 am

9:43 am

12:48 pm

2:46 pm

5:34 pm

7:54 pm


The girls woke up at 5:30 to open presents and start the day.


Santa completely forgot about Bonny and Tasha. Both kitties, especially Bonny,  have their feelings hurt. Seriously. A2 and A3 tried to placate Bonny by playing with her but it didn’t work.  She ran away and hid soon after this picture was taken.


We may have to wrap up something and present it to her with a little nip before she decides to poop in someone’s shoes.

We made, wrapped and presented a gift to Bonny. She’s still pissy and nasty. I’m hiding my shoes.

The girls’ toys have all been tested. They are extremely happy and grateful, even A3, in spite of the fact that Santa never gave her super powers.  The mess has been kept to a minimum.  Bonny is sulking inspite of efforts to cheer her up.


Bonny came out for turkey and is back to normal.


While relaxing in our bedroom and nearing the end of the 4th row of the knitted wrap an ominous crash rattled the house.  For some unknown reason our tree had fallen over.


Efforts to revive the tree to its former glory failed miserably. Sadly, several antique mercury glass ornaments didn’t survive. A3 speculates that Invisabuddy is to blame.  He sure does a lot around here.

My DH and I undecorated, dissassembled and packed up the Christmas Tree.  It’s now in boxes waiting to be put back in the attic.  The living room seems empty without it and we’d hoped to leave all decorations up until after New Year’s  Day.  The stand holding the tree had cracked, which was why it fell over. Thank heavens nobody was hurt and we were able to enjoy it for most of Christmas.


The temperature rose to 33° F and the snow is melting.  Thank heavens!  Infrastructure on the west side of the Cascades becomes crippled during winter storms, thus leaving roads impassable and services non-existent.  My Christmas wish was for plain old rain again.  

Never mind, it’s snowing again.

It’s still snowing.


The snow has stopped.

The temperature has dropped again, but not before significant melting occurred. Hopefully we’ll be able to drive again tomorrow.


I hope that everyone is safely with his/her loved ones today.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas present/yarn has been wound and barring interruption or natural disaster I’m going to cast on Seascape this afternoon.


Is it Boxing Day yet?

Yes, it IS Boxing Day in Australia. Which reminds me that we need to call our friends, Bill and Norma to wish them a Merry Christmas. They live in New South Wales and traditionally they go to the beach and surf, etc. on the 26th.

All is well. This has been a wonderful Christmas, but it’s time to call it a day.

Good night!



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5 responses to “Merry Christmas All Day Long!

  1. Roxie

    I am with you. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain! I’m screaming at a white Christmas.

    Peace and joy to you and yours, and safe driving all year!

  2. Nearly!

    Happy Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas, dearheart. Was Bonny around when the tree went down? We put the durned thing in the corner to avoid that kind of catastrophe.

  4. I think we shoud slap invisabuddy….. glad you had a good Christmas!!

  5. Hey! We’re back! We all survived the inlaws. 🙂 Actually Kid2 was left behind with the grands for a few days. We’ll get her back on Tuesday. The neighborhood still looks the same–except the snow on the roads touches the underside of my car. I think I’m going to go out and shovel the streets, after I write a few very carefully worded letters to the local politicians. Love, K

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