Back in the “high life”!

Yesterday we loaded the family into the van, crossed our fingers and slid our way out into the cul-de-sac. At one point we got stuck and had to rock back and forth to escape a rut, but once we were free a great cheer errupted from the vehicle.  Everyone was very grateful to be out of the house.  The main roads were in much better condition than the side streets. They were mostly clear with only occasional snow drifts and icy patches.

While at the grocery store we marveled over the abundant fruits and fresh vegetables. Ours had been eaten long before this escape so we’d been forced to use their canned and frozen counterparts.   I’ve not seen my girls this excited over apples and oranges in, well… ever.  We stocked up on essentials as well as luxury items, such as crackers,  juice, bananas and yogurt before reluctantly loading up for the trip home.

Because the tree had to be taken down early I decided to start packing up the other Christmas decorations too.  Even though it’s now raining we’re still pretty much stuck inside and there isn’t a lot else to do. I’m not sure yet if we’ll hold our annual New Year’s Eve party. It’s taken on a life of its own these past two years and grown beyond anything we’d expected.  Even when we made it a potluck it still ended up being expensive and required lots of work.  The verdict is still out but the clock is ticking and time may decide for us.  


Every time I sit down to knit I fall asleep.


I’m not sure why. The pattern isn’t boring, nor do I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, etc.  The M.S. does tend to wipe me out, but I believe these narcoleptic episodes are due to a combination of not enough fresh air and from taking pills to help my neck/back.   I tweaked it while taking decorations out of the attic during the first part of December.  On the 30th I have a neurology appointment so I’ll ask about my neck then. Maybe if I can get an MRI scheduled my neck can be scanned too. According to the “experts ” I’m supposed to have one annually but the co-pays and waiting list to get in  make this nigh on impossible.  Typical.

We’re expecting to have our garbage and recycling picked up today… theoretically. This will be the first time in two weeks that the trucks will have been able to make it into our neighborhood. I’m mortifified at the pile we’ve accumulated. My only consolation is that our recycling pile is significantly larger than the garbage pile. 

Today we should see the return of  mail service too! We’ve not received mail since the 23rd, also due to impassable roads.  I don’t envy the postal carriers the piles they’ll have to deliver.

In other news, my friend, Marta, called to tell me that she and her boyfriend, Dale, were married on Christmas day!  We’re all very happy for them.  I’m racking my brain trying to think of just the perfect wedding present for them. Marta is pretty wild.

Rejoining society feels wonderful!  Although we’ve never been social butterflies, the forced hermitage was difficult. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Back in the “high life”!

  1. Congrats to Marta and Dale! It’s about time!! Hope you get the tests and scans you need, and hope your back feels better soon. Hugs to you and the fam–
    Love, K

  2. The first day or so are fun, but then it gets old real fast and you crave outside interaction with anything and anybody. I’m so glad you were able to stock up on fresh food. Thankfully, you had back ups. I sure hope you can get the tests you need. The sleeping thing is also the time of year. You’ve been wild busy and stressed. I’m sorry about the neck thing. Try to take as good care as you can.

  3. Roxie

    I like to get newlyweds a fire extinguisher or a mirror. You can always use another one of either. Goodwill is a good source for mirrors. The best place I have found is a hotel furniture re-sale shop in Portland where you can get big, classy-looking mirrors for way cheap. But if the girl is wild, they’ll probably get a huge kick out of the fire extinguisher. Stick in an apron that says, “Kiss the cook” and you have set a nice naughty theme.

    This is nappy season. Short cold days trigger our primordial hibernation instincts. Sleep while you can. The lace looks awesome, though.

    Best wishes on the tests, etc. And hooray for the foray into civilization!

  4. Gillian Fergusson

    And I got excited by two inches of snow that lasted a few days!!!
    I love the cowl, it’s such a comfortable way to add that extra warmth to an area that always feel the chill.
    Hope you back improves soon and you can start the New Year with optimism. I’m feeling rejuvenated after a wonderful xmas with my sister in Dorset in the south of England where there has been sunshine and blue skies for the last three days.
    I’m back on blog but no knitting news yet. If my spirits keep up, that will soon follow.

    Cheers to you and all your family and a Happy New Year

  5. Yes, hermit living not for everyone.

    Welcome back ;o)

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