A Visiting We Went

Sunday we were invited to visit our friends, Dan and Zoë, down in Beaverton.

Speaking of visiting, while loading up the van we found evidence that we’re still be visited by raccoons.  My guess is that the two and 1/2 weeks worth of garbage (still hasn’t been picked up) is drawing the critters out.


Dan and Zoë’s pooch, Riley, was engrossed when we arrived. 


Once he’d finished his snack we were greeted in true Riley-esque style.  He’s such a sweet and happy dog.


They had gone completely overboard for Christmas and they even had a birthday present for A3. Knowing how much she loves music and the color pink they had found a perfect music box for her bedroom.


By far, my favorite gift was a set of note cards featuring watercolors that Zoë had painted.  They are really beautiful.


We weren’t the only guests.  There’s a whole menagerie of critters who frequent their backyard.  This gray fellow was quite tame.


His red counterpart preferred to grab his snack from the yard and dart back to the fence before eating.  It’s hard to tell from this picture, but this guy was HUGE. 


We all chatted and watched a movie together. Time flew by , making the five hour visit seemed like minutes. Dan made some of his famous coffee, of which I drank three cups.  That, combined with a Pepsi, had me flying higher than a kite. By the time we got home sleep was the furthest thing from my mind. Not being in any state of mind to concentrate on a lace chart I cast on a new sock.  A3 fell asleep listening to her new music box.


This morning my DH headed back to work. Plans to pack up the Christmas village and stuff holiday trappings back into the attic are on the agenda.  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.



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4 responses to “A Visiting We Went

  1. Rae

    Hurry up and concentrate on the lace. I’m excited to see it in the making.

  2. Our garbage hasn’t been picked up either, and from what I gather on the web site, it looks like we’ll have to wait until Saturday for pick up (due to a holiday bump), and they won’t pick up recycling until the next scheduled day–next week Friday. Zoe and Dan are so thoughtful! Her paintings are beautiful! I’m going to sew a pillowcase today–I’ve decided to delay my northern trip for a couple days. Take care!

  3. CindyCindy

    A little snow and the northwest gets a bad case of transportation constipation. I would be more obnoxious, but it’s the same here. I think I’d go insane if the trash weren’t picked up. Those adorable little squirrels are nothing more than yard rats. They have chewed holes in the tops of my trash cans and I have met them more than once crawling out of the top of a can. Little bastards. We don’t get the red ones, though. Cool. What lovely gifts. And, how sweet to remember the little one’s birthday with such a thoughtful gift. I guess I’m gonna have to put my tree away tomorrow night. Yeehaw!

  4. Sounds like everything is pretty much returning to normal out there ;o)

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