Out With a Fizzle…

instead of a bang this year.  As 2009 draws near we find ourselves at home eschewing crowds.  Originally we’d intended on holding our annual party but apathy killed those plans.  

This morning we returned my daughter’s “floater” for a new fish. The pet store has a 14 day warranty and the previous fish hadn’t even made it 48 hours.   Hopefully this one will outlive his predecessor.  A3 remained remarkably calm and collected throughout the ordeal.  This could have been dramatic and ugly. The new one is named Tyler.


Earlier a neighbor wandered over for a visit and a meal. 


He’s looking a little shabbier than usual these days. The poor old guy is 18 years old and his owners seldom do more than toss kibble in a bowl outside for him.  His long hair is matted all over his body.  During the summer I tried to discretely cut some of the snarls off, but some go all the way down to his skin. It’s got to pull and be uncomfortable.  If not for the cold weather I’d cut some more clumps off of him. For now he needs them to keep warm.  Over the past two years we’ve learned that he’s not really grouchy, but his hind, left side hurts and he bites if you get too close to it while petting him. 

I finished a sock and hope to cast on its mate this evening.


The yarn is a cotton blend and the pattern is “Small Capitals” from Sensational Knitted Socks.  These are for an old friend who has been long-neglected when it comes to receiving hand knits.

It’s almost time to start our movie and settle in for the evening. Happy New Years everyone!



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8 responses to “Out With a Fizzle…

  1. Beautiful sock! Someday I’ll learn to make something like that. We were invited to a party, but with two kids and myself coughing up lungs, it’s better we all just remain home. 56 minutes and counting…

  2. Gorgeous sock! We had a couple of people for dinner and then went to bed at 9:30. What party people we are;–) Happy New Year and the kitty looks quite content. You’re as big a marshmallow as I am. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Roxie

    Bless your heart for being kind to sieghbor kitties. And 18 years old? He’s a venerable old man!

    Good luck to the new fish. Goldfish will grow bigger if put in bigger tanks. We have had surprising success with five cent “feeders” raised as food for bigger fish. Appetizer lasted four years, and Snacky throve for five.

    All best wishes for a lovely, safe, boring year two thousand nine.

  4. Happy New Year. My heart breaks for that poor little neighbor kitty. I wish I could give him some pets and cuddles, but I know you are doing a good job of it. I’d love to toss his owner outdoors with a bowl of cold food and see how he does.

  5. Poor A3 and poor neighbor cat!

  6. Rae

    Happy New Year! Love the sock. I wish I could make that fast. Sweaters yes socks no. I am sorry to hear of the fish. If it is a new tank you will kill your first handfull of fish while it sets up to ecosystem. Huba has had his tank for over a year. Once we made it through month two every one started living and growing.

  7. Gillian Fergusson

    Happy New Year to you and all your family. Natural selection occurs even in pet goldfish so I’m sure the new one is glad and I’m glad the name Tyler has now been relegated to the pet list!!!
    Oops, sorry, that’ll upset someone. On with 2009.
    Cheers Gillian

  8. Happy New Year!! Love the socks! I just got a new sock book and can’t wait to start making stuff for me again!!

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