January is one of those  birthday-cluster months.  Some months will fly by with only one or two people we know celebrating, while others seem packed to the gills with birthday after birthday.  The first person to kick off the onslaught was our friend Dan, who turned 60.


 He and my DH have the market cornered when it comes to playing video games and pulling practical jokes (many centered around flatulence).


Dan is still a teenager at heart, as attested to by his loud music and booming laugh.  While he rocked out with the grown ups in one room Rachel, his sweet and gorgeous daughter-in-law, played Monopoly with my girls in another.


Yes, that is more snow on the ground outside the window. The girls all groaned and complained when more flakes started coming down again on Sunday. Everyone is ready to go back to school and work. We’ve been home now for 24 days. As a distraction I let A3 bake some cookies.


She made snickerdoodles and I made some pecan pies.  I really, really need to lose 15 pounds, but I don’t want my family to starve while I try to do so, and of course everything needs to be taste-tested.  I sacrificed my waistline for these people. Hopefully they’ll appreciate that some day 😉


While baking the pies I realized that I need to order another one of these.


I love my pie crust shield but for some reason I only ordered one a few years back. That makes no sense whatsoever considering that seldom do I make one pie, it’s always two or three.  There’s probably a kitchen store at a local mall, but I detest shopping so I’ll just head out to Miles Kimball to get another.  They sell some unusual items. I think my neighbors would be impressed if we had a set of these geese on our front weed patch lawn. Just think, we could change their clothes for every holiday and season to keep things fresh!


The other night I grabbed some yarn as we headed out the door. I can’t sit still, but I couldn’t see either, which ruled out trying to work on my scarf or socks. The only alternative was a simple garter stitch item destined for felting. This is the handspun yarn made from the roving that Susan gave me (via gift certificate) for my birthday last summer.


Finally, while out meandering on the internet I stumbled across a flickr site where people reenact Far Side comics.  I love the Far Side. Here is one of their pictures.


Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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5 responses to “Random

  1. CindyCindy

    Cookies and pies, mmmmm. I loved the Far Side and still miss it.

  2. All of that looks very yummy from here!

  3. I just bought some pie fixins, too. Apples!! I think I’m the only one in the house that actually eats pie, though, so I feel like a pig if it all disappears. (burp!)

  4. Rae

    Pampered chef has some great pie shields. If you get one of theirs check out the pie gate.

  5. Happy New Year, at least all the global financial mess means it will be interesting to see how it works out and if anything good comes of it.
    On birth dates – I relax as no family or friends have a birthday now until May. It must be the wet misty Autumns here that does it.

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