First off, Happy birthday to my dear friend, Michelle! 

Tonight we ate the last of the strawberries from last summer’s garden. They were served atop homemade waffles with heavy whipped cream and a side of well-done bacon. Mmm, nothing like blowing a diet in style!


We eat breakfast for dinner about once a week, although usually not to this extreme, because it helps us stay within our food budget and my girls will always eat it.  There’s little else that annoys me more than an unappreciated meal.

Without fail, every time I cook bacon both of the cats and all of the humans in our house hover around waiting to snatch up the first strips of crispy fat and sodium. If the birds weren’t caged then they’d probably be there too, perched on the counter.  Here’s a shot of the ever-hopeful Tasha. Yes, I caved and gave her some, I’m such a pushover.


While pondering my recent lack of knitting mojo I did some stash diving in hopes of finding inspiration among the UFO’s. 


About all that happened was that I pulled out Henley Perfected and contemplated frogging it in order to cast on The Eyelet Cardi.  I still like Henley, but the EC would be more practical.  Then again, Henley is almost half done.  The bamboo yarn is scrumptiously soft and was quite a splurge so I want to get as much use out of the finished garment as possible.  Feedback would be much appreciated.

This morning we awoke to a minor tragedy when we discovered A3’s newest fish, Tyler, had died. The tank in her room is very close to the window.  Our house has older, aluminum windows that the wind just howls through.  The recent bout of winter storms may have chilled the water in the fish tank.  When/if we get another the tank will be moved or we will try and find a small heater for it.

This is about 10 days late, but here’s summary of 2008 for you to enjoy.





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7 responses to “Thursday

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Finish the Henley Interrupted. You can push the sleeves up and the bamboo and style will be versatile. But, this is your knitting. Do whatever the heck you like. As for the fish? I honestly thought they had a 2 week life span after losing fish constantly most of my childhood. Tasha looks darling. What a sweet old thang she is. And, I love love love breakfast for dinner. Have a wonderful weekend kiddo!

  2. Stick with the Henley, that’s what I’d do.

  3. Roxie

    Henley on! And thanks so much for Uncle Jay. I laughed my socks off!

    My parents had a bowl of goldfish when they first married. They lived in a place heated by a wood stove. All winter long, the fishbowl iced up overnight, and thawed out in the morning, and the fish survived it nicely. If you get them too warm though, you have boullibasse (sp? fish soup)

  4. Remember my fish you called Methuselah? That thing lived forever! I’d go ahead and finish what you started. If you don’t like it, give it to me. 🙂
    Thanks for sending Uncle Jay. I love his lecture on Congress!

  5. I love both sweaters, however I think I would stick with the henley. It is wonderful.

  6. Gillian Fergusson

    Gosh! Uncle Jay helps to clear up quite a bit of USA politics for the outsider. I had no wish to watch the Beijing Games either. So I didn’t.
    Oh dear! Another goldfish bites the dust. As kids we lost the “school” budgie. It was a disabled budgie with difficulty hanging onto its perch because of in-turned feet (claws). It had survived so well until it came to live with us for a weekend!
    Next morning it was sort of hanging upside-down!!

    Cheers Gillian

  7. Rae

    Stick with the Henley. If you need some motivation I’ll be a team player and drag out mine. It is almost the same tone but in the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino…..

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