That Went Fast

I don’t even remember much of this weekend.  My DH had drill with his national guard unit so the girls and I stayed home to play catch-up. The first full week back at school and work wiped us all out. Everyone was tired, the house was a mess and clean laundry was a rare commodity.  Even the blustery rain seemed to telling us to stay inside. 

Our washer and dryer are in the garage so once clothes come out of the dryer it’s a long trek to my bedroom. Clean clothes are unceremoniously dumped on my bed to await sorting and folding.  The result of this system is that  the pile of soiled laundry the size of a Volkswagon Beetle slowly shifts from the garage to the bedroom, with a few straggling socks strewn between. At the end of the day someone (usually my DH) folds the large items and puts the socks into one of two baskets at the foot of the bed, one for colored, one for white (we segregate) to be sorted later. We’ve tried other, more efficient ways, but this is what we always come back to.  Sadly, my girls automatically go to our room when they need socks.

In an effort to keep the pile from spilling off our bed I folded linens as they came out.  It was at this point that the executive decision was made to retire this poor towel.


The lighter spots in the picture are places where it’s worn so thin that it looks like cheese cloth.   Linens are expensive and obviously we keep them a really, really long time.  He served us well.

Between laundry shifting I cleaned the pantry and refrigerator.   When bananas get too ripe at our house (usually this means more than three brown spots) nobody will eat them.  This rarely happens to three or more at a time, which tends to be the requirement for baking, nor does it happen at opportune baking moments. Rather than throwing out the lone fruit we toss them into the freezer to accumulate for future banana bread.  Apparently it was baking time. One entire bin on the door was full.


The cats kept getting under foot until they were diverted with some nip… it doesn’t work with kids, I’ve tried.


The end result of the Sunday baking episode was three loaves of banana bread, lots of mini banana muffins (for school lunches) and three loaves of whole wheat bread.



This is why I haven’t fared well on my resolution to get into shape and lose a few pounds. I love carbohydrates and have no will-power.  That and exercise time seems non-existent.  This morning my in box contained an email offer for a “Flat Stomach” pill.  I imagine that the only way that would really work would be if it caused vomiting severe enough to give your abs a workout. No thank you, I’ll stick to walking between the garage and bedroom. Walks will be moved outside and lengthened when weather permits.  

A3 needed some help with her knitting. She’s insistent on learning to knit with double points, but she has a hard time not turning the work and knitting extra rows on the same needle rather than moving on to the next.  This is her second attempt… she’ll get it.


My swatch, which will be felted into a lunch bag, is all the knitting I’ve done for now.


Kathleen is mailing me a pattern and yarn to test for her and it should be here on Tuesday. This is sure to replenish my missing knitting mojo, although the results can’t be shared until the pattern is released.

  Thank you for the feed back regarding the sweater. Henley Ignored shall become Henley Resumed some time soon.  I have some navy blue yarn earmarked for the Eyelet Cardi. Cheers!



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7 responses to “That Went Fast

  1. That bread looks delicious!

    Pretty much all my stash is on Ravelry. (I’m 5elementknitr there, too)

  2. CindyCindy

    Your baking indeed looks wonderful. Whole grains are good for you. I wish I could eat whole wheat bread. I love it homemade. And banana nut bread? I could die. Your lunch bag looks cute and A3’s knitting rocks. Oh, and Bonny? She looks quite happy. Have a terrific day, Sweetie!

  3. Rae

    Where do find the time to do all of your baking? OBTW your last post promted me to drag out my Henley…

  4. Don’t you wish there was a machine for folding the damn laundry along with washing and drying? I hate folding, and so does the rest of my family, so I just don’t do laundry 🙂

  5. “Henley Ignored” – I love it!

    BTW, have you tried replacing 1/4 of the flour with instant oats in your banana bread? I also replace the butter with unsweetened applesauce and reduce the sugar by half. Really tastes great and if you want to butter it later, you can with no guilt. Very healthy.

  6. The “flat stomach pill” made me laugh out loud! Nothing is worth vomiting, nothing.

    I gave up the carbs when my now 7 yo was 1 and still don’t do white food, but I have unfortunately plateaued at a weight about 10 pounds higher than I would like. I’m currently putting it down to being 45, but it’s really not having any exercise. Ho hum. I’d rather knit.

  7. Roxie

    Oh, I am soo with you on those gratifying carbs. Give me hot bread with butter melting in and keep your chocolate torte. Tiramisu? I’ll just have another helping of spaghetti with olive oil and garlic. Boiled new potatoes are bliss. There’s a hearty peasant somewhere in my ancestral appetite.

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