WTF Wednesday… on a Thursday

First off, you may be asking WTF is WTF “Wednesday” doing on a Thursday? Well, sometimes previously scheduled posts must be pre-empted to make way for more pressing news.  Without further ado, here are the WTF offerings for the past week.

WTF Gross “News”: Not just gross, but uber gross and twisted. My eldest directed me to a “news” story about an inmate who pulled out his own eye and ate it. . They (meaning the group of 12 and 13 year olds in her class) had read about this while reviewing  current events during Social Studies.  Several thoughts about this. First, why? Second, let him stand trial withhis remaining eye (the jerk had murdered several people). Third, with everything happening in our world today why is my daughter learning about this in school?  And, assuming that she is learning about more significant events, why does she choose to recant this one to me?  

WTF Home: Who is this strange, young man with his arm around my middle daughter? A2 is only 10 and she isn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, or even to like boys (other than to play Pokemon with), for another 15 years.


Wait! That’s no boy, that’s E! E is my oldest daughter’s BFF, a.k.a., our 4th daughter (she’s here a lot).  Boredom prompted A1 and E to try dressing up as their male alter-egos. E was able to pull it off, but A1 and “the twins” never did achieve this level of androgyny. Silly kids!

WTF Weather: The recent cold spell in the middle and eastern part of the United States (and I’m assuming Canada) is scary.  Temperatures that low are unimaginable to most people, myself included.

While reading about this it’s impossible not to think of the homeless, those people who can’t afford to heat their homes sufficiently and the animals out in this weather.  Hopefully temperatures in these regions will return to normal soon.

WTF Transition: First, I must claim that I seldom watch television so this may be completely unwarranted. Most of my news comes to me via the internet or, as in the case above, from my daughters.  It seems that the upcoming power transfer isn’t garnering as much coverage as I’d expected. There’ve been the odd stories about the Obamas nearing a dog-adopting decision and where the Bush’s will reside following their move, but not much else.  Quite frankly, I’m not as interested in the moves and impending speeches as I am about what will happen after  the President Elect takes power. For the sake of everyone, I hope he does well. Quite frankly, the messes he’s inheriting, specifically our country’s financial mess and the middle east quagmire, may be more than any one man and his administration can handle.  My opinions of all politicians have never been good.  My cynical nature instills distrust in all of them, regardless of party affiliation. Admittedly, some seem slimier than others, but I shan’t mention names.  There sure a lot of familiar faces returning to the scene. Perhaps I’d feel less pessimistic if ALL of our representatives and law-makers were being replaced. Perhaps not. But either way, the transition seems surprisingly quiet… or maybe I just need to watch tv.

WTF Shopping: Okay, so this may sound really, really strange, but I want one of these. For my DH, of course. I’d never want it enough to pay what they’re asking, but still… who wouldn’t want a life-sized resin replica of an alien skull from area 51!

This may be an indicator that watching X-Files episodes (one of our only sources of entertainment during the past 6 months) has gone too far.  I could use this to model hand knitted hats for pictures  My DH would love this on his desk.  Must. Avoid. Temptation.

Have a great Thursday!



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7 responses to “WTF Wednesday… on a Thursday

  1. Roxie

    The psychotic prisoner story is so bizzare that it passes out of believablity and into the realm of fiction. Sensational, gruesome fiction. Kids like exploring sensational and gruesome ideas until reality intrudes. Look at all the middle-school urban legends. The girl who had a nest of spiders living in her dredlocks. The family that accidentally locked the chihuahua in the picnic cooler when they put everything away in the fall. Real fairy tales are pretty darn gruesome, too. Cinderella’s stepsisters were originally made to wear red-hot iron shoes and to dance till they fell down dead. It’s gross, but normal. Let ’em change a week’s worth of dirty diapers, and they’ll quit dabbling with the notion of grue.

    I love the way your girls and their friends keep themselves amused. What a fun notion – dressing as your male alter-ego.

    Transition: To me, politics is like weather. sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t, but if it’s gonna rain, you just have to haul off and let it rain.

    That skull is a hoot. Check the local thrift stores and garage sales in a couple of years. These things turn up where you least expect them.

  2. No!!! Please please please get one of the Alien Area 51 skulls to model hats. It can’t be any stranger than all the Vespa models on my desk at work, all parked on their own hand woven mug rugs. Well maybe a little stranger.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    When’s B’s birthday? Or Father’s Day? I love it! The gruesome prisoner story is so typical of kids. Remember, these are the same kids that say “Ewww” when somebody vomits. I like Roxie’s remarks about the dirty diapers.

  4. Ah, transitions… well, I live in the DC area and are news stories are mostly about what roads to close and how you can’t drive in from No. VA because the bridges will be restricted to pedestrian traffic or emergency vehicles/busses and how people are preparing for the parade and the fact that the Secret Service took the names of everyone staying in a certain geographic area, including visitors, for security checks, and on and on. The actual transition seems a bit silent.

    My boys would have zoomed in the inmate story before anything else – and it was on the front page of either AOL or Yahoo for a while, because I saw it too.

  5. If A1 ever wanted to make a guy jealous without actually finding another guy to make him jealous with, I think she’s got a shot with Miss E.
    Personally, I could care less what kind of dog the Obamas get. Just like I don’t care what kind of toothpaste they use or the brand of underwear they buy. May I just say, “I wanna wish you both good luck; we’re all counting on you.”
    Maybe your very artistic family could get some plaster of paris and make your own alien skull? I’d love to see it!

  6. The skull is fantastic! I’ve seen those around the net for a while, and always wanted one. I’ll have to see if I still have the link. And, the X-Files is one of my favorite shows.

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