Look What I Did!

Isn’t this the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?


Okay, so maybe it doesn’t look impressive, but let me tell you about my adventure with this mundane appliance.  It’s the condensation pump to our furnace that is located in the garage next to Mt. Laundry.  For some time now this pump has not worked properly, hence the water-stained concrete.  The little floater attached to the lift-arm that switched on the machine wasn’t floating, therefore the pump wouldn’t come on when it was supposed to. That problem,  coupled with the gap between the pipe and the drip pan sitting under furnace’s drain pipe, meant that any time the furnace ran for any length of time that water would run all over the garage. Conveniently, or inconveniently, depending on how you look at it, most of the water was sopped up by Mt. Laundry. This kept the water from spreading, but it also meant that the clothes were soggy and heavy when it came to sorting and running loads through.   Saturday morning I woke up as usual, started the coffee pot then ventured to the garage to switch clothes from the washing machine to the dryer.  I wasn’t wearing shoes, so when I stepped on a wet towel in my stocking feet they immediately became cold and wet. The gross discomfort and inconvenience of it was more than I could stand and something in my head snapped. I kicked the wet clothes pile, screamed profanities and vowed, “Never again!” After stripping off the cold, wet sock I unplugged the pump, located a screwdriver, pliers and a roll of duct tape then brought the darned thing into the kitchen.  Having no mechanical abilities or training at all meant that I was clueless.  About an hour later I’d rigged the contraption so that the lift-arm now lifts sooner.  I’m sure it’s not “proper.”  Electricians, furnace technicians, or virtually anything with a penis, would shudder at the fix. But I don’t give a rat’s arse. That just left the gap issue. A thorough and fruitless search for pvc pipe meant that more improvising was in order.   A serrated bread knife, a plastic bottle and a splash of colorful vocabulary revealed my inner-MacGyver.  The furnace’s drain pipe now connects to the drain pan under the condensation pump.   So far it’s working great and the new dirty clothes are staying dry!

Next on the list was purging the family room of toys that the girls have outgrown.  It sounds easy enough until A3 becomes a factor in the equation. She has severe separation issues from clothes, toys, papers, books… oh heck, just about everything. Rather than repeat the traumatic episode that followed after she came home to discover her closet and drawers cleaned out, we came to a pre-toy-purge agreement/ contract.

This gist of the agreement was; anything that was broken beyond repair could be thrown away… so long as it didn’t hold sentimental value.  This last part was difficult because she’s “attached” to nearly everything.  I sent her on frequent play breaks or errands so I could discretely dispose of  severed doll arms, etc.  Despite her suspicians that I was destroying her childhood memories, distracting her wasn’t terribly difficult. I gave her some boxes to build a play house for Spider Man. He’d turned up unexpectedly in the play food basket.


The pink pumps are a nice touch and everyone enjoys fine art.

The contract also stated that  she would help me sort toys by type then put them into storage bins so she could make a mental inventory. The bins were then be moved to our attic for safe keeping so that someday her children could play with them (her argument for keeping everything).  It took most of the day, but we finally managed to sort and move toddler toys, Little People , Barbies, Betty Spaghetti and other miscellaneous play items to their new home. She climbed the ladder several times the first day to make sure the toys were still there. She only checked on them once yesterday and today she’s not mentioned their absence at all.  I’d probably feel the same way about my yarn stash, even if it was ugly yarn I had no plans for.


In order to make them all fit we had to rearrange boxes. Christmas decorations make up the bulk of our stored items and now they are all in one central location… I think. Others may pop up later and need to be relocated.


I felted the swatch/bag made out the hand-spun. It’s still blocking and will need to be lined, etc. before use.  I’m not a huge purse user because they just don’t hold enough to be practical for my lifestyle.


While sorting and cleaning A2 played Pokemon with some boys in the neighborhood. A1 and E watched movies in their room on the laptop. Everyone reappeared at meal-times. My DH took over bread-baking duties for the week.


I also cast on a plain sock with a lovely cotton blend given to me by Linda Jo over at The Bead Knitter.


As the long weekend winds to a close I find myself longing for another day. After accomplishing so much I hate to stop.  Time for a hot bath and to switch a final load of DRY laundry out for the evening. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Look What I Did!

  1. Heide MacGuyver! If you want to come help me sort through all the toys here, I’m all for it. I kicked the bouncy horse out to the garage today when I kept finding 7 year olds playing on it. They’re just too big and the thing’s an antique (exposed springs, etc.). I need to pass it on to my SIL for her foster kids. Maybe when the kids are all in school, I can sort through a couple boxes of toys and drive them over to Goodwill…and maybe if I say it often enough, I’ll actually do it.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    You go girl!!! Doesn’t that make you feel good all over when you accomplish something like that? I have to admit I have no idea what a furnace condenser is. We don’t have them here. It’s a constant struggle to keep a house tidy isn’t it? Or, at least it would be if I could actually do it. I love the bag and your new pretty sock. Such a busy lady and it’s your time off. Now, exactly how does that “time off” thing work again? And, did you see one of the related posts was “Death Valley”? snort

  3. My mother threw away all my toys and stuff when I went to college. I have never forgiven her, it is a Long List.
    Thus I have all my kids stuff in the attic, they have been in the States for …..10? years – I don’t think they can now remember what is there. But I still only chuck when i really need the room. I reckon it is insulation at least.

  4. Nice MacGyverring!

    And those stripes are wonderful.

  5. Roxie

    Way to go, you clever girl! Fixing the condenser, organizing the toys and really rocking on the knitting. You rule!

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