WTF Wednesday: The Short Version

WTF Evil Baker: This is the featured cake on Cake Wrecks  this morning. 


Submission guidelines for their site state that cakes must come from a “professional” source.  This is completely understandable because just about every cake I’ve made would make people cringe. The blog owner would be buried alive in submissions if everyone sent pictures of homemade monstrocities. So, apparently this cake was made by a trained professional.  Can you imagine walking through a grocery store with small children and having to explain this to them? Shudder. Better yet, can you imagine being the recipient of a surprise baby shower where the host brings this out? Even worse, can you imagine cutting it?

Of course there are cakes featuring internal organs, zombies and other scary items but they don’t seem to bother me . This does. Perhaps it’s because the creator was shooting for “cute” and he/she thought this fit the bill.

Cripes. I need more coffee. Maybe a really hot shower will wash this image away.



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8 responses to “WTF Wednesday: The Short Version

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m afraid only liquor will erase this image. It is more than a little disturbing. And, it bothers me that the professional thought it was “cute”. Gruesome comes to mind. A Sweeny Todd themed baby shower, perhaps?

  2. Oh, look, a Hansel cake.

  3. Do you need a Rabbi to perform the briss on this guy?

  4. That is beyond creepy and just plain wrong on SOOO many levels. I’m afraid only strong drink will erase that image from my brain.

  5. Gross! Can you imagine cutting into this to serve?

  6. Roxie

    It’s an arresting image, and will give many an expectant parent serious nightmares. Is that a plastic doll baked into the cake? Wonder if the flavor was altered by those polyetheylvinyls?

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