The “S” Word(s)

A post dedicated to the letter “S

The  “S” word: Two days ago my middle daughter burst into the kitchen and said, “A3 said the “S” word!”   It turns out that the “S” word in question had nothing to do with excrement, but rather winter precipitation.  A3 had told A2 that it was going to “Snow”  which made A2 upset. Everyone here had their fill of snow back in December. My youngest decided to share the news that forecasters had predicted snow for this weekend. She failed to mention that it would be light and temporary. She knew the news would make her sisters mad, especially if there was even a remote chance of a school cancellation.   The dreaded snow finally fell last night. This morning my DH and I talked ourselves blue trying to convince the girls to get out and enjoy it.  Having them cooped up in a house all day tends to lead to bickering and excessive mess making.  Once they finally believed us (after reading it on-line) that the snow was temporary it became novel and fun again.

A3 decided to make a snowman with a slinky.


(I’m glad to see my handknits being used!)

A2 chose to make a snow sofa.


I’m so relieved that the “S” word didn’t necessitate washing someones mouth out with soap, especially since I’m guilty of occasionally using “indelicate” language.  I’ve tried to quit cursing, but driving really tests my patience.   Punishing my children for doing something that I myself am guilty of would be hypocritical.

Surprises: Several days ago I met up with Kathleen and dropped off the test knit.  She presented me with a lovely, skein of Stitch Jones’ yarn at that time as a thank you. The photograph doesn’t show the true colors of this Superwash Sock yarn. It’s streaked with beautiful chocolate browns and olive tones.


Thank you Kathleen!

Sick: The past three days I’ve been battling a full-blown head cold. Sinus pressure prompted me to take medication, and although it helped relieve the stuffiness, it also left me with the brain capacity of a turnip.  The  choice between breathing or becoming zombie mom was tough, but in the end zombie mom won out.  Knitting in this state wasn’t possible so I sorted through some mixed up knitting accessories. 


Stash Sorting: In addition to the above jumbled pile, the wardrobe where I keep my knitting and spinning paraphernalia was sumarily gutted and re-organized.


Arwen (the Knitting Gnome of Packwood) is much happier now that the sock yarns no longer touch the worsted weight yarns.  He’s picky that way.


Second Sock Syndrome: While sorting through the wardrobe I found two lone socks. A more current lone sock lay in my purse. I cast on and finished the latter…


 then cast on a second of the former. Hopefully this will be a pair by bedtime. 


Sunday Baking: This week we chose standard white bread and dinner rolls.


In addition to the bread I made oatmeal raisin cookies and cranberry almond scones for breakfasts and lunches this week.


Stuck: My eldest daughter has been singing “Danny Boy” all afternoon and now it’s stuck in my head.  Here’s a version that everyone can enjoy.



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9 responses to “The “S” Word(s)

  1. Rae

    Huba was also Sickened by the Sciff of Snow we had here. We didn’t get enough to make a Snowman or Sofa though. I am also very ready for Spring….

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Love the socks. And, even sick you were organizing? I’m in awe!

  3. As far as I’m concerned, snow is just as bad a word as that other S word!! And sick isn’t too far behind. Feel better soon!

  4. Wow, you finish a sock in a day?!

  5. Gillian Fergusson

    It’s getting milder here. Yesterday’s ramble revealed buds and new growth on some trees and the snowdrops are peeping through.
    You are truly awesome… parenting, baking, knitting, clearing out cupboards…
    Cheers Gillian

  6. You are a superior woman! So glad you are getting over this upper-respiratory crud. The yarn storage is awesome, and the snow sculptures look great! A sofa? Brilliant!

  7. Ha! I know about those ear bugs. Thanks for the link but I’m not clicking!

  8. Wow!! different kind of article with interesting information.The yarn storage is awesome, and the snow sculptures look great!Its also delicious for eye 🙂

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