WTF Wednesday

Well drat and double drat. This nasty sinus/head cold refuses to leave. The result is that going to work leaves little energy left over for anything else.  Knitting, reading, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping… all are equally neglected.  We are operating on survival mode in our home.  Mealtimes are a free-for-all. The girls are sharing clean clothes… not by choice.  It happens. We’ll live.

In spite of  illness there are still plenty of WTF happenings to blog about.

WTF Who knew? I had no idea that LegoLand Theme parks existed around the world.  The artistic ability and attention to detail displayed by the creators of this display at the California location are amazing.


WTF Ouch   It’s easy to panic about the state of the economy. Even traditional “safe” careers, such as those in teaching and medical fields, are subject to cuts due to  budgeting shortfalls.  Our neighbors now have four generations living under one roof (it’s a big house) because cancer forced one adult to quit working.  This type of living situation will probably become more and more common in the next few years as families’ budgets grow tighter.  No Mom, this doesn’t mean we plan on moving in… yet. 😉

WTF Plumbing: Even when the economy is in the toilet plumbers have lucrative, high demand careers. According to this article  the items retrieved from plugged pipes can be quite bizarre.  Most people have heard about live alligators residing in sewers, but it’s hard to imagine pulling a live cat or a severed penis from someone’s P trap.  Poor kitty!  Incidentally, these items weren’t from the same pipe .

WTF Words: The longest word in the English language that does not repeat any letters is “Uncopyrightable”.  The only common word in English that has five vowels in a row is “queueing”.  The words “knightsbridge”  and “latchstring” are the only words in the English language with 6 consonants in a row. The most notorious group of letters in the English language are” ough”. They can be pronounced at least nine different ways.
“UFF” tough, enough
“OFF” cough
“OW” bough, slough
“OH” though, dough
“OR” thought Pronounced “AW” in American English
“OO” through
“UH” thorough Pronounced “OH” in American English
“UP” hiccough variant spelling of “hiccup”, though the latter form is recommended in both British and US

WTF Inspiration: Now that my “Knitting Mojo” has returned I really, really want to make one of these froggies! So while more serious knitters peruse sweater patterns, search for the perfect yarns and responsibly swatch for their lovely and practical items I plan to release my inner biologist and cast on this fellow. That is once my head has returned to its normal size.




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9 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Rae

    I would mail them a Do Not Open Until (insert their wedding date 1yr later) anniversary card with a gift card for the two of them to go to breakfast or dinner on. That way you are recognizing their union but respecting their wishes of no “wedding” gift.

  2. My friends were married a few years ago. It was a blending of two households and they had more stuff to get rid of than keep. So, I made them complementary afghan throws. Their living room is very oriental. I used red and black yarns. One is mostly red with a black border. The other is mostly black with a red border.

    They loved them. And use them all the time. They didn’t need them. They are extra things in their home that show a little love from their friend.

    Just an idea.

  3. ooh, feel better!

    I’ve given donations in the name of the newly-married couple. What are they passionate about? Give a donation to that group.

  4. I love Rae’s idea. Take care, kiddo!!!

  5. Oh, that frog is flippin’ awesome!

  6. WTF Wedding? Did you edit something out of the post above? What wedding??
    I’m getting another round of the new crud…whatever it is.
    I’m assuming that the next 10 years are going to suck. I only hope that DH still has a job–he’s safe until they reach about the 20% layoff mark. I think that the media has made the “market adjustment” worse by driving everyone into a panic about the economy, now everyone is suffering. Sigh…
    Oh there’s another word that’s unique “bookkeeping” is the only word with three double-letters in a row.

  7. Wedding gifts? I like to give a fire extinguisher. If they already have one for the kitchen, then they can put one in the garage as well. Or a nice big wall mirror. Who couldn’t use another mirror? Get one at hotel re-sale store.

    May your rhino virus depart for broad savanahs and African climes, and let you recuperate in peace.

  8. Christy

    Boy do I truely understand the hatred of the head cold. I’m so miserable this morning (day 5 of this crud) that I was wishing my head would explode – like a pimple. Sounds really gross I know, but when the pressure is so bad that is compares to a migraine…you wish for any way possible to be put out of your misery…
    I hope the MRI shows what you’ve been telling the quacks for years! You need the peace of mind, and acknowledgement that your NOT crazy!!
    I LOVE the Bio frogs and rats…wish I knew how to knit better, but it takes time and more classes which I will start next week – Learning to knit 2. Healthy thoughts and hugs to you & the family!!!

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