End of Month

Wasn’t it just New Year’s Day?  This month seemed to fly by.  Marta and Dale sent a box of homegrown grapefruits and oranges to us from Arizona. They smell and look very delicious!


Everyone is starting to feel better finally. This cold has lingered around long enough.  Just a few humble dishrags have been knitted these past few days.


In the morning I have an MRI. This will be the first one I’ve had in four years and I’m quite nervous about the ordeal.  The neurologist was kind enough to prescribe some medication to help me relax. Hopefully there’s still enough gray matter sloshing around upstairs to prove I’m a sentient being. 

Hope everyone enjoys a relaxing weekend. I hear there’s some kind of game going on.



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5 responses to “End of Month

  1. Superbowl Sunday, in my opinion, is just another excuse to visit with friends and loved ones and eat enormous amounts of unhealthy foods. Some people even watch TV. I’m making mini dogs in blankets (little smokies in crescent rolls), roasts for sandwiches, and I have a huge pile of chocolate kisses. Yum!

  2. Someone mentioned something about some sporting event scheduled for Sunday. I’m more looking forward to the guest bell choir from a New England college visiting tomorrow’s 9am mass personally.

  3. Hope the MRI goes well. I remember the check-ups well for my particular plague. It was a double whammy, – why don’t they leave me alone so I can forget about it + shouldn’t they be checking more often just in case!!

  4. Got you in my prayers, kiddo. As for tomorrow? I only care because I like Kurt Warner. He’s a nice man and there are so few of them in professional sports. We will not be partying. Maybe a glass of wine with dinner, but no snacks. Too much sodium. Ack! Getting older can suck;–)

  5. An MRI scheduled? Boy, you must REALLY hate Superbowl Sunday. Don’t worry. They always have a special show of just the commercials about a month after the game, so you won’t actually miss any of the good stuff.

    You are very much in my prayers. Let us know how it goes, please.

    When I go in for tests, I take a big warm wool shawl. It makes a nice security blanket, and cuddles me when they leave me alone in those cold scarey rooms.

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