Test Failure, Tea & Biology

     Hey there! Saturday morning  my DH dropped me off  so I could spend the next few hours testing.  Preparation for this exam was limited to taking several Xanax tablets (prescribed specifically for this one-time use) and dressing in comfortable clothing.  Obviously this wasn’t a written exam, but rather a medical test; an MRI to be exact. I’d not had one in approximately four years, mostly because I’m claustrophobic. Although the hefty co-pay also played a role in my hesitancy.  Anyway, as I staggered into the room in a drugged stupor I was delighted to see a large, flat, open-sided machine, rather than the enclosed capsule I remembered from the past. Heck, this was going to be a piece of cake!  Or not.  That darned cold had me coughing and hacking through the entire procedure. And once you move then the series is shot to heck and imaging from the starting point has to begin again. The technician was very patient and kind, in spite of not being able to get a clear or accurate picture.  Finally we both agreed to call it quits. The afore-mentioned medication left me pretty useless for the entire day too. After returning home I laid down for a little rest and didn’t wake up again until 5:00 pm.  I’m a cheap drunk too. 

  It’s so hard to get specialized tests and appointments at our HMO that I’m pretty bummed about the wasted visit.  I was hoping to get some answers regarding what was wrong.  That sounds bad.  I didn’t want there to be something wrong, but rather I was hoping to discover why my body’s acting more wonky than usual.   The only thing worse than having something  not work properly is not knowing what’s not working properly.  Worse  yet is when the doctors think you’re crazy and that it’s all in your head.

To make up for the lost day the girls and I decided to have a tea party.  There wasn’t an occasion, other than we wanted to liven up the weekend. We’re not sports fans and had no desire to watch the Superbowl game.


Unfortunately, the lack-o-sports, dainty cakes and delicate tea cups didn’t inspire my girls to act like little ladies.


Insert jokes about “Sea Food” here. 


As the caffeine and sugar consumption increased,  so did the silliness. Stating,  “Pardon me, I’ve got the vapors!”  in your finest southern drawl, while fanning yourself, means that tea time is over.

Following refreshments the girls entertained themselves by decorating flower pots. Everyone is itching for spring to arrive.


Finally, I finished knitting the Biology 101 Frog.  This was such a fun and satisfying pattern to knit! My eldest is giving it to her 7th Grade Biology teacher tomorrow.


Felting the guts and adding the eyes went way too fast. I want to make another… although recipients may be scarce. Most people prefer practical gifts.


I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend!



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7 responses to “Test Failure, Tea & Biology

  1. Shame about the test. I have had the chest and the tunnel, I close my eyes and sing!
    I so love your froggie, I tried getting on the website but my computer froze [fright] and anyway it seems they have run out of patterns? Would you have a spare copy that might slip into an email?

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m sorry about your test. It’s stressful enough when they are successful. Your tea party looks like a blast and the frog? I’m speechless;–)

  3. My sympathies on the test/wonky feeling stuff. I hope you feel better quick.

    Love that frog! And the little ladies? Heh heh heh – with 6 sisters, I can so identify with their antics.

  4. I’m pretty sure that the biology teacher will find it fairly practical!

  5. The frog totally rocks.

    What a bummer about your failed test. Well, it’s not just in your head, and next time, you can do without the xanax.

    And the tea party looks divine! But silliness has its place, too. And then they all work together on craft projects? YOU are an awesome mom!!

  6. I for one love impractical felted frogs!!!

  7. I’ll bet the felted frog will come in really handy for teaching squeamish girls (or boys) in biology. I partnered up with the boy who couldn’t cut the frog…I ended up doing all the gross stuff.
    Maybe a bit of Nyquil will work better than Xanax next time.
    Hope you feel better soon and can get back in for the MRI.

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