General Goings On

I’ve been knitting in bits and pieces, but it’s nothing I can share.  Shhh, secret knitting!


My Dh and I are up to season 9 of the X-Files.  Unfortunately the friend my husband is borrowing them from has been sick.   I hope he’s better soon! No, not just because I want to get my fix… really.

Last night my youngest daughter was scheduled to participate in Cheer Camp. When she got off the school bus though she looked pale, was acting lethargic and said that her head hurt. She laid down and drank some juice, but then insisted on getting dressed to go.  We made it about halfway there before having to pull the van over.  Once the contents of her stomach were left for some anticipating crows she agreed to return home to bed.

While she was out for the count my middle daughter created Play Doh botanicals.


At some point, I can’t remember exactly when, we practised making duct tape wallets.


Duct tape is wonderful stuff!

After dinner we discovered a tragedy. My eldest had left her I-Pod in her jeans and in my attempt to lower the elevation of Mt. Laundry I failed to check the pockets. She remembered where she’d left it about midway through a spin cycle, but the damage had been done. We were both at fault and I feel terrible. We set it out to dry on the dresser, but the prognoses doesn’t look good. At one point it turned itself on, minus the display, and began emmitting terrible, grinding noises.  It wasn’t her music. I asked to be sure.

An evening Chess game between A3 and myself drew a crowd of spectators.


About midway through my butt-whooping  though one audience member became bored and started her own game.  From her box seat Bonny stared down her opponents (please disregard the lint, etc. under the entertainment center, it will be vacuumed up today… maybe).


The competition focused on pointedly ignoring her in stony silence.


The stalemate went on for some time until Bonny  darned near exploded.  She began chattering and revving up her hind quarters, which any cat owner can tell you isn’t a good sign. We held an intervention. 

We explained that Juji and Sasha are friends, not crunchy flying treats.  I don’t think that Miss B listened. Thankfully the birdies’ cage is safe and secure from that Puddy Tat.

Time to gather my belongings for work. Today I’m attending a field trip with a second grade class, complete with a school bus ride. Hopefully I won’t pull an A3 on the way.   I’m bringing a plastic bag just in case. Cheers!



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6 responses to “General Goings On

  1. I dunno. They sure look like crunchy flying treats to me.

    And I bet they taste just like chicken, too.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    That is one motivated kitty;-) Stay well. Middle daughter is a talented sculptor. I’m sorry about the Ipod. Don’t get motion sickness today!!!!

  3. A2 clearly inherited your family’s artistic abilities! Hope Miss 3 feels better, as well as Miss 1’s iPod.
    We’re all trying to get over the most recent snotfest, and I’m still waiting for the pharmacy to call back about the ceftin. Bleh!

  4. PS – Ceftin (the antibiotic) tastes like Altoids on steroids. The trick, said the pharmacist, is to put it in apple sauce or grape juice. This was the stuff that made Ben barf. I tried a drop on my tongue and I wanted to scrape it off. I can’t imagine taking 4 mLs of the stuff!

  5. I do hope A3 was not contagious. How did the trip go? Poor girl, poor mom!

    Lovely floral sculpture! Give her some Sculpy and have her make some minis for hair ornaments.

    Poor Bonnie! Imagine having to live with a couple of chocolate truffles that taunt and tempt you at every opportunity. Unbearable!

  6. LOL! Love Mt. Laundry! I’ve actually been there!! My DD recently dropped her cell in the toilet, so we recently went through the whole try-to-dry-it-out thing!! Way too funny!

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