WTF Wednesday, The Animal Edition

 WTF Field Trip: I love my job. I love children. Even so, yesterday’s adventure with 100+ second grade students to watch a play in Portland kicked my butt… in a good way.   Some of the parent volunteers left at the end of the day with glazed eyes in a zombie-like trance.  Obviously they are devoted and loving parents, or else they wouldn’t have opted to join their children. However, when you take your own child some place behavior problems can be resolved with threats of  “Wait until we get home!”, etc. This doesn’t work with others’ offspring.  Add the excitement of a day out of the classroom, going to a new place and mob mentality incited by large groups of peers and the threats may not even work with your own children.  Nobody got lost, injured or vomited on the bus ride though, so it was, by all accounts, a successful outing.


 That being said, if you suffer from the following symptoms, then you may want to limit volunteer time to making copies

Maniaphobia: Fear of insanity…  you must become one with your craziness
Poinephobia: Fear of punishment… children now days do not possess this trait

Mastigophobia: Fear of punishment. Fear of flogging … see poinephobia

Pediaphobia: Fear of children… obvious

Xanthophobia: Fear of the color yellow or the word yellow… you might need therapy for this one and a bus ride is definitely out of the question
Theatrophobia: Fear of theatres

Ochlophobia: Fear of crowds or mobs… this one freaks me out, but as the crowd was mostly shorter than me it worked out okay

Ochophobia: Fear of vehicles… the I-5 bridge deck raised to let a boat through and we were stuck on a bus surrounded by lots of vehicles

Phobias to germs, bodily fluids and crying should also be considered.

WTF News: So this man walks into an airport with two pigeons stuffed in his pants. . .  Seriously. A man was caught attempting to smuggle the birds into Australia.


In this Feb. 1, 2009 photo released by the Australian Customs ...

WTF Dating Service: Hey there, if you’re a single human who hesitates to meet others because Fluffy or Fido might not like him/her then this place  is for you!  I wasn’t willing to sign up to find out, but I believe pictures or videos of the pets replace, or at least supplement, standard dating information. 




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3 responses to “WTF Wednesday, The Animal Edition

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    The pigeons in the pants story cracked me up. I had to stop and listen when the news reported it. Truly “News of the Weird”. I love the pic of the dogs on the schoolbus. They would be better behaved and quieter than your kids were, I’m sure. But, it sounds like it was fun (although quite exhausting).

  2. OMG – WTF is right…pigeons in his pants…WTF???? You’re killin’ me Smalls!!

  3. Gillian Fergusson

    Smuggling birds into Oz is, indeed, rare. The eggplant still puzzles me too. it’s not as if they are rarities there.
    I’ve just got a part time job as a teaching assistant so I shall look forward to some similar outings…or not!
    Cheers Gillian

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