Utterly Amazed!

So it’s Saturday morning and I’m lounging in my pajamas baking lemon squares when the doorbell rings.


(incidentally, the lemon squares turned out dreadful and met an untimely end in the garbage disposal)

The mystery guest turned out to be our mail carrier needing a signature in order to release a package.  Because the card requiring the signature covered the address label there was no way to see what exactly I was signing for.  I even asked the postal carrier if it was possible to look before signing.  She laughed and told me, “No.”  I’m still not sure if she was joking or not, but she received my scrawling John Hancock, handed me the package then went on her way.

The girls all gathered around excitedly while I opened up the parcel. Inside were the following items…


They include, a sweet card with a letter, Darjeeling tea, three pairs of handmade earrings and the most beautiful beaded lace scarf I’ve ever seen!  The package came from Swapna, all the way from her home in India.  Everyone wanted to stroke and try on the scarf, but I hissed protectively and threatened bodily harm to anyone bold enough to touch it. I immediately put it on and have been wearing it ever since.


(picture soft-focused for your safety)

Not only is the pattern itself amazing, but the yarn shimmers and undulates like sunlight through the water in a tropical ocean.  In some lights the greens really stand out, then the slightest shift turns it almost royal blue.  All the while little pearls dance throughout the pattern. 


Upon reading the card we discovered that Swapna bought the lovely, peacock style earrings for my girls. The excited squeals could have shattered fine crystal (we use cheap, plastic glasses).  They were so excited to receive such beautiful gifts, especially from so far away.


Right now I’m enjoying a cup of Darjeeling. I keep re-reading the card and it brings a lump in my throat.  The complete and random kindness of someone I’ve never met except through email exchanges and blog reading boggles the mind.  Sometimes with all of the news about war, the economy, violence, etc. it’s easy to forget that most of people in the world are pretty good.  And I might be slightly biased, but I believe that those who take the time to create something for others, be it with yarn, paint, fabric, metal, flour, etc.,  rise above “pretty good” and are down right  “wonderful”.   The world just became a little smaller and warmer.

Thank you Swapna. We love everything. I will show everyone this beautiful scarf and tell them all about you.



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8 responses to “Utterly Amazed!

  1. Yay, yay, yay! Everything arrived safely! Whew.


  2. Last night I watched Mamma Mia and against all the odds teared up, now your blog has made me weepy all over again.

  3. Aw, sorry about the lemon squares! We likes us good old-fashioned lemon squares around here.

    • We were pretty bummed too. I hate wasting food. I used a new recipe from a cookbook called, “Cookies”. So far every one of their offerings has been a dud and the book will now be recycled (I can’t even bear to donate this to some unsuspecting soul). Time to dig out the classic recipe and try it again.

  4. Gillian Fergusson

    Oh Swapna! you didn’t just send joy to the Heideho household, you raised all our spirits. And Heide you raise my spirits everytime I read your blog, and now I know that the spirit is going all around the world. I’m so glad to have encountered you in blog world.
    Cheers Gillian

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    What an incredibly beautiful scarf and the earrings are stunning. Such a nice and unexpected surprise. And, thank you for your lovely gift.

  6. WOW! That scarf is gorgeous!! As are you, as always…what’s with the ‘soften’ed for our protection??? You’re a dork! How cool for the girls! Was in your neighborhood all w/e but VERY busy, so didn’t get to say hi. Will post pics tonight if possible. ttfn!

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