WTF Wednesday

WTF Cat:  First up on Where’s The Fiber Wednesday is the strange behavior exhibited by our cat, Bonny. Two days ago while cleaning the bird cage I left their food container on the floor uncovered. Upon returning I discovered Bonny happily munching away on the millet. 


If she were the type of animal who ate everything (like our older kitty, Tasha) then this wouldn’t surprise us much; however, Bonny is extremely finicky. She turns her nose up at most people food and even many ordinary cat foods are left untouched by this crazy cat.  The small amount consumed shouldn’t be enough to hurt her so we’re not worried, but the lid will be secured tightly from now on. Maybe she figured that since she couldn’t eat the birds, she’d eat the birds’ food.

WTF Ruined: This warm and happy foot belongs to my youngest daughter, A3. The sock is none other than the Horcrux pattern in Ravenclaw colors made for me by the talented Chris over at Wooly Buns for a swap way back in 2007. 


No, A3’s feet aren’t the same size as mine. Alas, these former beauties fell victim to my laundering. My youngest is in 7th Heaven and doesn’t want to remove her new socks.

The Ravenclaw socks weren’t the only casualties of poor laundering skills. This is the now felted and ruined Elsebeth Lavold Liv sweater in Silky Wool.  It’s very short, very wide and completely unwearable, except maybe on Jupiter where the gravitational pull would compress one into a squat fascimile of themselves.  However, the lack of space travel advancements combined with a need for oxygen prevail, thus the sweater remains empty.  There has to be something I can do with the felted pieces though, I refuse to throw it away.


WTF Art: An artist created this urinal featuring former president, G.W. Bush.  I don’t know if it works or not, but my guess is no.  The creator might be on to something though. There are people who would pay for the novelty of relieving themselves in toilets shaped like politicians or other controversial people. And a business serving beer could really clean up.  (my husband really wants to use this)


WTF Devastation: The fires ravaging Australia are heartbreaking.  So many lives lost and so much destruction are unfathomable. 

APTOPIX Australia Wildfires

This image from the Australian fires shows hope and compassion on such a basic level. The female koala, named Sam, is recuperating at a rescue center.

I was unable to find details outlining what was offered, but several days ago  President Obama called the Australian prime minister and offered condolences and aid.  Nothing can bring back the people or restore the homes, towns, wildlife, etc. that are gone.  I know that.  We send aid, troops, etc. just about everywhere else in the world. I’d rather see our efforts spent on our allies and friends than elsewhere.  The Australian Red Cross  has been inundated with with donations from their own country. I don’t know if there are any organizations stateside people here can send donations to (I’ll look into that after work), nor do I know what’s needed.

Have a safe and wonderful Wednesday. Cheers!



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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. love your WTFs. The sweater would, of course, make a nice throw-pillow cover, or a luxurious tea-cozy. Is it big enough to cut and sew a pair of mittens? (I’m assuming it’s also felted.)

    I’ve never seen a cat eat bird seed. What a rare girl she is!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Whimper whimper. Felted lovelies. I’m sorry. Bonny is a rare and interesting kitty, isn’t she? A tad eccentric you think??? The Australian tragedy is frightening. Especially considering the fact that they think some of the fires were intentionally set. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH PEOPLE???? And, the urinal cracked me up.

  3. Not to sound to snarky here, but when was the last time another country offered to help us? Katrina? 9-11? Hmm?

  4. Our Royal Queenie [Britain] has apparently sent some of her own money to the Australian fund.
    I think you will find lots of British sent money for Katrina and 9-11, but the Queen reaching for her purse was a new one on me.
    The Oz fires are horrific, and the pic of the koala receiving tlc was a welcome smile.
    Personally we do send money when we think others are in more need than us, last time was to charity working in Gaza. No idea how the problems there will ever be resolved but it seemed right to hope that the money helped some of those poor families with no power to influence what was happening to them.
    I just hope someone will retrieve us when we all sink into a muddy hole in this wet and sinking, possibly bankrupt country.

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    Hey! On Friday, you will given an award. You are due and over qualified (not unlike a job interview, eh?). Love you!

  6. Those fires – awful! Fundraising efforts – comforting. The fireman offering water and rescue to the koala – heartwarming.

    Laundry felt – sigh. Been that route myself once or twice. At least the socks fit A3.

    Got quite a hearty giggle from the urinal pic. 🙂

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