Sweet & Sour Pi

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of you! 

Sweet: This morning my middle daughter came bursting through the front door with a plate full of Valentine’s goodies from the neighbor’s grandma!  She is extremely nice to my girls (A2 plays a lot with her grandson).  I plan on knitting her something to thank her for all of her kindness.


Sour: Yesterday my youngest daughter’s class had their Valentine’s Day party right before coming home. That’s some smart and strategic planning on the teacher’s part because if the other students were sugared up as much as my own kidlet then a classroom full of them would have been insane.  Anyway, in all of the excitement at the party the cards themselves were ignored. A3 ended up with an entire bag of unopened Valentine’s cards from her classmates.  So after school she sat in the living room opening them, gorging happily on candy. All of the sudden and quite unexpectedly she burst into tears.   Her source of angst was this:


I turned the card over several times looking for some kind of joke or “Just kidding!” but there was nothing other than the names on the other side.  What company prints such cruel cards and what kind of child would pass these out? I pondered these, and other thoughts for several minutes until my eldest came in and said, “Oh, that’s Happy Bunny.” This meant nothing to me because I don’t know who or what in the heck “Happy Bunny” is.  A1 enlightened both A3 and me. Apparently this cartoon character, named Happy Bunny,  goes around being rude and insulting and it’s supposed to be funny. There are books, clothes, etc. http://www.itshappybunnybooks.com/  . I don’t get it.  We finally got A3 calmed down and convinced that the message was nothing personal.

Pi: I made a hat for my eldest daughter’s math teacher. 


It’s based on this pattern… although I ended up changing the stitch count and font. I also extended it out to fit as many digits as possible on the hat.  I’m not terribly pleased due to the sloppiness of the color work.  A co-worker wants one too. Hopefully hers will turn out neater.

Finally,  I won an award from Cindy.


Thank you Cindy!  I don’t feel very creative, but I’m flattered that you think I am.



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7 responses to “Sweet & Sour Pi

  1. Thanks for the comment Hiede – Kids are kids – but how dumb *smirk* can someone be to not see that a person could be hurt by that? NOW – if it were an ‘inside joke’ with a friend of hers that is differant…. I tell the Milk Man all the time that he is dumb – ya know 🙂 but for a little bugger, its just not funny. They always read into what those ‘may have ment’ – I know I did and I was always careful that the guy that I liked in class got the nicest card too… LOL hugs to your little gal with a good heart! Thanks again for the support!

  2. it is amazing how cruel kids can be thats for sure . we went through this kind of stuff with thing 1 , and dcided with thing 2 we would home school and are soooooo glad we did . and yes the parents carry the blame . i would be very tempted to show the teacher , he/she carries some responsibility to teach better than that as well

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Wow. I was just thinking that the way you handled it was perfect. Thank goodness A1 was familiar. Don’t get me started on popular culture or dumbing down. And, another thing, Missy. How in the hell can you say you’re not creative and knit a pi hat???? Hello?????????

  4. The hat rocks! If you want stronger, neater color definition, you could duplicate stitch instead of doing stranded work. I see that you are binding in your stranded yarn every stitch or so. Maybe if you just let the strands swag loose, the colors would stand clearer. I am so impressed by the whole project!

    There have been mean valentine cards for decades. Ideally, the teacher could get A3 and the kid that gave her the card together and ask for an explanation. It could be a little boy who likes her and did this in lieu of dropping a frog down her boots. (Little boys understand giving extra attention to someone they like. They just don’t get the notion of positive attention.)

  5. Love that very creative hat! And you do so deserve that award!

    Happy Bunny stinks. So do the parents of the kid who handed that out. One of my big hopes for the Obama presidency is a return to niceness.

  6. Love the hat!
    Hate the “Valentine”. That level of snark and nasty is unattractive in an adult and nearly unforgivable in a child.

  7. Karen O

    Just like dirty jokes or swearing, Happy Bunny is funny from an adult’s standpoint, but NOT funny from an elementary school kid. I think I’d call the parents and ask if they even *read* the valentines that were being handed out. Big hugs to A3 and tell all the girls Happy Valentine’s Day!

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