First: Today is Susan’s birthday! “Happy birthday to ewe…!”  Susan is amazing. Here are some random facts about her:

1. She makes friends where ever she goes

2. She tears up the streets of eastern Washington on a kick ass scooter

3. She spins, knits and weaves

4. Her husband, affectionately referred to as KH for Knitting Husband), also partakes of her hobbies

5. Her son, Graham, is brilliant and he’s currently attending college to put that brilliance to good use

6. She has two Maine Coon kitties named Rufus and Ruby. Rufus is Ruby’s father.

7.  2 1/2 years ago she invited a stranger to join her and a group of friends for a weekend at an isolated cabin. What could have theoretically been another teen slasher film turned out to be wonderful.

Happy birthday Susan!

Second: Jessalu is celebrating 4 years in Blogdom by giving away some wonderful prizes for commenting on this  post. If you don’t regularly read Jessie though you need to hurry because the drawing will take place on Thursday (tomorrow).

Third: Okay, so this is more of a whine than a notice, yesterday my eldest became ill so I was called away from work to bring her home. We stopped by the lab for the pre-requisite strep test on the way home. Thankfully it came back negative, the poor kidlet gets strep almost annually. Anyway, she’s staying home again today and my middle daughter complained of a headache before going to bed last night. My DH will stay home with them today because he has paid sick leave.  Many students have been absent with this most recent bout of germs. Darn it all, I just got over that cough from the last round. I’ll be making every attempt possible not to touch anything today.


p.s.  Go check out today’s Cakewrecks (link on right sidebar) and scroll down until you find Ken. I wonder… do you think his ring is to scale? Just blew the PG-13 rating with that one.



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3 responses to “Notices!

  1. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands, and grab a can of Lysol to spritz anything that comes near your face. Poor baby, getting so sick that she has to go home from school! Your DH is a prince!

  2. Ditto what Roxie said – and use that hand stuff every five minutes. ;o) I hope the kids feel better soon!

    Thanks for mentioning my blogaversary! Just to let you know, comments close on the contest tomorrow (Thursday) night at midnight, not tonight! You all have two whole days to tell everyone you know! I’m hoping to break a comment record on this one! lol

  3. Innuendos don’t peg the meter!

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