Helpful People:  Jacqueline over at Serendipity is holding a fund raising/donation contest for victims of the Victorian fires in Australia. She has a link on her site to the Australian Red Cross where you can specify “Bushfire” donations as the recipient.  So far she has brought in over $12,000 worth of help from people world wide. She’s also collected 60+ terrific prizes, which will be given out via a random drawing. How it works is after making a donation you email her a copy of the receipt showing the amount you sent (no credit card information, etc. obviously). Then, for every $10.00 Australian that you donate you’ll receive one entry in the drawing. The only information I don’t have is when the drawing will be and when her donation drive is ending. It’s early and I’ve not had my coffee yet, finer details elude me. Here is a link

Helpful Knitting Tools: One of my favorite knitting gadgets was not designed for knitting, nor is it technically a “gadget”.  In my never-ending quest for organization I decided to utilize an unused make-up bag as a knitting project bag when cleaning out my stash last month.  It’s worked amazingly well and has so many benefits that I wanted to share the idea with everyone.  Not to imply that any of you are unorganized, lose needles while traveling, drop your yarn out your vehicle door and leave strings dancing along behind you on the freeway, etc.  However, I’ve been known to inflict these, and worse, injuries to innocent little WIPs.

This nifty little project bag heralds from Mary Kay.  It’s supposed to be filled with cleansing products, cosmetics, etc.  Obviously I’m lacking in the primping department because I never had enough to ever fill more than 1 1/2 pouches.  This explains a lot.


Cool features about this include that it all rolls up neatly into a little cube when traveling.  When the cube is unrolled it reveals four individual see-through pouches. Of course these won’t hold a bulky sweater or afghan, but small projects like socks, dish cloths and embryonic sweaters fit nicely.  My preference is to keep three relatively simple knitting options available at all times… some simpler than others.  This way I’m prepared to utilize time in traffic jams, waiting rooms at the doctor’s office, etc. One pouch is dedicated solely to tools.


The individual compartments are held in place by two large velcro strips so they’re secure, yet they can be removed easily to work on one project. The plastic sleeves prevent coffee and food from soiling the yarn too. Don’t ask. One end of the roll also has a metal hook so it hang vertically when unrolled.  This particular style has now been replaced with a newer version with a slightly different layout, but there are plenty of this style still to be had on ebay.  The best news is that many of these older ones can be purchased for under $10.00! 


Helpful Knitting: The green sweater shown above, being in it’s early stages, consists of stocking net stitch on size 1 (US) needles. It’s slow, thoughtless and completely therapeutic. 

Helpful Instructions: For anybody who’s ever fancied a James Bond lifestyle, or at least his really nifty spy gadgets then this link  is perfect.  Imagine impressing friends by answering your shoe!  


Okay, so maybe not. But the instructions were enlightening and I’d probably wet my pants laughing if someone pulled off their shoe in public and started talking on it.

Happy Thursday!



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6 responses to “Helpful

  1. Thanks for the laugh, that show phone is fantastic! (And, ew, for whatever he stepped in.)

  2. What an effective project bag! Even with lots of organising doodads my table is a mess…

  3. Love the re-purposed cosmetics bag. I also use those clear plastic boxes you buy salad in to organize my stash.

    And the shoe phone is to die for!

  4. very cool idea with the MK bag!

  5. Gillian Fergusson

    Oh I want one so much! I can always use my collection of old pencil cases for other things like…old pencils.
    Cheers Gillian

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