Good morning and happy Friday!  Normally this is my favorite day of the week, but enthusiasm for the week’s end is missing.  My eldest is still sick with a sore throat, low-grade fever and headache. We all had flu shots so I don’t think this is the flu (unless it’s a weakened strain or a different one than we were vaccinated for).  Hopefully my DH can get her in to see a doctor today. Not only does she feel lousy, but she’s accumulating mountains of homework in her absences from school that will take lots of work to complete. We never had this much homework when I was growing up. It’s insane.

About 12 hours of knitting time are destined to be frogged today. My top-down sweater needed a few more rows around the yoke before casting off the live stitches for the arms and continuing on with the torso. It looked big enough on the needles, but after slipping it on last night I realized it was too small.  After being “smaller” for so many years it’s hard to remember that more fabric is needed to cover the necessary parts when shopping, knitting, etc.

The latest issue of Interweave Knits didn’t have any patterns that jumped out and screamed, “Knit me!” Then again, seeing the items in person after someone else has made them usually intrigues me more than looking at pictures in a magazine.

Dang, it sounds like Eeyore hijacked my blog this morning. Time to stop whining, drink some coffee and get ready for work. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 



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5 responses to “Friday

  1. Heck, if we can’t whine on our own blogs, where and when can we whine???? I love your Eeyore reference. It’s the end of the winter ennui, dearheart. Hang on!!!

  2. chillsider

    Eeyore was always my favourite; maybe Winnie would suggest a nice big jar of honey – and a spoon, hope you find some sweetness soon.

  3. This Eeyore is with you on the Interweave.

  4. …but at least you won some cool stuff. ;o)

  5. Thanks for noticing.


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