When things break

When one steps in cat vomit during the first five minutes of waking on any given day then chances are the rest of the day is going to really suck.  However, because returning to bed wasn’t optional I washed off my foot and kept going. In addition to the normal weekend house cleaning and laundry there were groceries to be purchased and A3’s promised trip out to find a new *charm for her bracelet.  

 After making coffee, unloading the dishwasher and shampooing cat vomit A3 and I headed out.   Unfortunately between our first and second stops we had a small problem. When I hit the button to open the driver’s side window of my van the entire sheet of glass fell into the door with a sickening “kathunk” sound.  No amount of fiddling with it, yelling at it, etc. remedied the problem.  Obviously we couldn’t continue our outing with no window to secure the van so we made a detour to the dealer. Once on the service department’s schedule I drove A3 and the groceries home, grabbed my knitting and headed back.  What was supposed to take a mere  hour took 3 1/2  because of a back log in the service department. 

As the hours passed all plans for our Saturday afternoon were pissed away.  Even the unexpected knitting time took a turn for worse when my cabled needle unexpectedly broke, dumping the contents of my sweater onto my lap in a heap.


Complaints about needle quality weren’t even plausible as this particular tool was well over 20 years old.  Luckily another size 1 circular needle waited at home. This needle is just as old though so much caution will be exercised.


I’m not certain about the cabled section at the midriff.  The plan is to just make about a two inch band of them then let the bottom portion of the sweater fall away loosely. Kind of like an empire waist.  Looser fitting clothes seem more flattering  than the form fitting variety. Anyway, I may rip back the cabling and opt for a drawstring through an eyelet section to divide the top from the bottom. What do you think?


Once the window was fixed properly (still under warranty) and the sweater salvaged then the “morning” errands continued mostly uneventfully.  During my final stop I picked up some flowers to plant near our front door.  Hyacinths are among my most favorite flowers of all time.  Having this little splash of color, which is visible through the window from our living room, is quite cheery.


This morning there’s more cat vomit, but this time I didn’t step in it until after being awake for some time. Tasha’s so very considerate to always throw up on the carpet.  I’m not sure what to do for this old kitty. She eats constantly but she never actually processes any of the food, it comes out one end or the other undigested.  She’s skin and bones. Another vet visit is probably in order, but he never seems to find anything wrong. We’ve moved her to Iam’s digestive health cat food, but even that isn’t helping.   We spend more on vet bills than on human doctor bills, which is ridiculous considering that my Dh and I need extensive dental work that we keep putting off.  Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I do love my kitty. However, this continued illness, etc. has been going on for far too long. We need to find out what is wrong and fix her if she’s fixable without major surgery, etc.  If not then it may be time to say goodbye to our old friend.  I’m completely torn up over this situation.  We don’t have thousands of dollars for tests and treatments for the kitty, especially considering that she’s over 20 years old. Heck, we don’t even have hundreds of dollars to spare.  Images from Animal Cops come to mind where the animal control officers go in and rescue pets from owners unable or unwilling to care for them. I don’t want to be one of those people.  Crud, on that happy note I need to go scrub up some diarrhea where she missed the cat box again.

To add some levity to what is an otherwise dreary post, I’ve added a new link to the “Strange and Unusual” section on my sidebar. If you need a laugh go check out “Passive Aggressive”. Cheers!

* All of my girls have silver charm bracelets and A3 has been saving her birthday money to get some reflecting her newest hobbies. Thank heavens she was content to search through the thousands available on Ebay instead of insisting on another trip out today.



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12 responses to “When things break

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m so sorry about Tasha. I’m even sorrier for you. Does she seem uncomfortable or in pain? It’s just so damned hard, isn’t it? You want them to find their way over that bridge, but you end up having to send them. I’m thinking about you. At least the car was covered!!

  2. I had puke…. Sure wish your day could have went better. When you only have 2 days to enjoy time off, it stinks when somthing goes hay wire. I hope the kitty straightens out for you!! *hugs* now get to the dentist already!

  3. I ment i HATE puke… *head hits the desk* I just ait a whole row of brownies…. maybe that will help..

  4. :o( I’m sorry about your kitty – I do think you’re doing your best to take care of her and I doubt that the animal cops will be showing up on your doorstep. ;o) If it were me (and we do have an aging dog who is 12), I’d be making kitty as comfortable as possible and calling the dentist for an appointment. *hugs*

  5. That’s supposed to be a frowny face at the beginning there – damned auto-smileys!

  6. First off, *hugs* to you! If it’s any comfort, I also have put off dental work because of pet bills and other projects. Not good to do but I know how you feel.

    Sorry about your kitty. It’s so difficult when they reach this stage. Definitely sending you and kitty good thoughts.

  7. We have a blind, incontinent geriatric cat who also vomits daily. He’s a mess, yet, when I pick him up and hug him he goes into paroxsysms of bliss and purrs like a little diesel engine. He’s ruining our hardwood floor, but he’s not ready to go and we’re not ready to send him.

    It sounds as if Tasha has a thyroid problem. I’m with everyone else. Do what you can to make her comfortable and go to the dentist!

    Thank gosh the car was still under warranty! And thank gosh it didn’t happen while the sleet was blowing sideways.

    I’ve got a matronly figure, so avoid anything that gives me horizontal lines. I’ll be interested in seeing how your sweater turns out. Twenty-year-old size 1 circulars are remarkable!

  8. Tasha’s not broken, she’s just old. I don’t think a trip to the vet is going to make her younger. She’s sweet, though. I think you’ll know when she’s ready to go. Take yourself to the dentist! You’ve put it off long enough!
    Hugs, K

  9. Gillian Fergusson

    Dear old kitty is obviously not absorbing the nutrition from her food. It’s quality of life which is important. Hers and yours!
    Cheers Gillian

  10. I hate it to when my Saturday afternoons are pissed away. Hey was that the same van that had no brakes? Now with a fixed window you don’t have an excape hatch – help help!! And excuse me – you’re knitting a sweater on US1’s?? Are you nuts??? Oh wait, you are. Never mind. Wink wink. Love, Susan.

  11. Oh gosh, things are bad when even your knitting won’t co-operate. I’m so sorry to hear about Tasha. I hope the vet can help her, and that it won’t cost a bundle. And if nothing can be done, she’ll let you know that she doesn’t want to suffer any more.

  12. I’m with the majority here…in the day of modern medical miracles, it’s hard to remember that bodies just wear out and it’s not fun growing old. As long as she’s mostly comfortable and everyone else is mostly comfortable, fine. Save your money and take care of yourselves.

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