Ho hum

 A3 is now sick. I stayed home Monday with her so my DH could go to work because he missed most of last week staying home with A1. Unfortunately he’ll be home again today as A3 still has a fever and sore throat.  Whatever illness this is, it’s running rampant. Last week the absentee rates were extremely high (over 100 students out on several days) in the school where I work.  Today an industrial sized can of Lysol will be preceding my every step.

The veterinarian hasn’t called back yet regarding Tasha.  Her sinuses are still goopy and she sneezes all day long.  Yesterday I changed out their regular clumping litter for some organic litter made out of corn. It’s supposed to clump too, but without the dust.  The verdict is out on how it works. The kitties don’t seem thrilled with the change. Hopefully their disdain won’t take the form of turds on the floor.


The only “knitting” from yesterday took place in the form of frogging back the cabled section of the sweater.   I did score domestic points though for catching up on laundry. Zzzzz.

Off to live vicariously through the lives of others… in other words, catch up on my blog reading before work. Cheers!

P.S. My eldest just took down the phone number for these.  But wait, on the television offer you get two body shapers, and two butt shapers for the price of one!  This way we could each have a set… words escape me. Me and my Lysol are going to work.



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5 responses to “Ho hum

  1. Those body shapers only really work if you have a body that is in shape. I mean, a shape other than round. Best of luck with the kitty. Hugs to all, K

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Hope you can get something solid on Tasha. Sometimes I think they can test until the end of time. And, of course they don’t like the litter. As for A3, hope the little one gets well SOON! Poor baby. Is A1 100% or still about 90%? Sounds like a zinger of a flu strain. Take care, kiddo. We are all living vicariously through other bloggers who have perfect lives;–)

  3. Get better soon, kiddo!

    And I so hear you on the frogging being the extent of yesterday’s knitting…

  4. Trouble with kids, kats, knitting, time you started a new letter. I am so fed up here and all I have to contend with is wet windy weather

  5. Does it help to tell yourself that there are any number of beggers in Mumbai who would trade places with you in a heartbeat? All the stuff that sucks still sucks, but in the great scheme of things, it could be worse.

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