Karen made me laugh so hard

that I darned near needed undies made out of ShamWow, who by the way should congratulate themselves for finding a spokesperson even more annoying than Billy MaysShe posted a WTF Wednesday post today that included this video  (WARNING: NOT KID FRIENDLY)

p.s. The kitty litter made out of corn gets two paws up! The cats haven’t rebelled by using the floor and now there isn’t a dusty haze left after Bonny spends 20 minutes neurotically scratching in the box. Of course the cat poop still smells like cat poop, but now now it looks like little Almond Rocas when you scoop it.  Cheers! 



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5 responses to “Karen made me laugh so hard

  1. knitwonpurltoo


  2. I didn’t watch the video but I did buy Neatnik a kids’ sized snuggie with TinkerBell and friends on it for eight bucks. A very good investment, she loves it to pieces.

  3. Oooohhh, I’m glad you liked it so much that you posted it too. 🙂 Hurray!!! We use the pine pellet litter, and haven’t had any problems. Good to know the corn litter works well too.

  4. Very funny! We’re in the snow bank again and this time, our school district was foolish enough to be the only one, apparently, to not have delayed start. The bus called when it was already five minutes late to say that she was still at least two stops away, so I told them to forget it. We’ll have a snow day here at home…hot chocolate, cookies, and Wii (which will tell me I’m still obese).

  5. I bet you and the kids are starting to get shack-nasty with all the enforced togetherness. At least you don’t make them wear snuggies blankets.

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