Is it Friday Yet?

My poor kidlets are still sick.  Today I’ll be staying home with them as my DH really needed to go to a meeting at work.   I don’t know if this particular bug is local or if it’s something rampant everywhere. Symptoms include headaches, sore throats and extremely high temperatures that last for days.   During her convalescence A2 has taken to planning my future knitting projects.  She requested a panda toy and a cat costume for Halloween. Rather than just asking me what’s possible or talking in person (her throat hurts) she writes letters complete with diagrams, which in turn end up taped to the wall outside of my bedroom. This note greeted me yesterday.


Tasha is doing okay. Not great, not terrible, just okay.  Her most recent blood results indicate that she has an on-going infection, but we already knew that.  The vet agrees that heroics and invasive tests, etc. are overkill for a geriatric kitty, but she is on a new medication. The brown, goopy stuff is horribly messy to give her and for several minutes after taking it she drools excessively and makes this face.


Bits of knitting time here and there have been slowly adding up.  This was the top-down with the cabled midriff that is now the top-down with the narrow eyelet band and lace bottom sweater. It’s mindless to knit, but until more yarn arrives it’s at a stand still. 


I’m wanting to make something lacey, perhaps a Snowdrop Shawl. We’ll see what happens with the girls and time today. 

Cindy spoke of fashionable taxidermy this morning, which reminded me of this more unusual example of the art.


For details on how to make your own you can click here… or not.  Hope you enjoy a healthy and wonderful weekend. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Is it Friday Yet?

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    That is sick;–P I’m sorry about the kidlets and the picture of Tasha making her face is priceless. As for the knitting? The Snowdrop shawl is lovely and might just be what you need since obviously laceknitting is a strength (I’m still in love with my Christmas shawl).

  2. The catface in juxtaposition with the altered mouse is a scream! Poor kitty. And poor girls. Yes, keep spritzing that Lysol!

  3. We’ve had rampant infections here, too. No high fevers, though. I’ve got everyone on antibiotics and company coming this weekend. Hope you enjoy your “day off”!
    Hugs, k

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  5. Tasha looks a little “lucy in the sky with diamonds” if ya know what I mean. Hopefully, she’s tranquilly (is that a word?!) happy – heh. We have that icky sicky around here, too. My class has had rotating kids out all the time. I’ve been sick for three weeks and think it’s finally coming to an end. My mom just laughs and simply says “Kindergarten!” I hope your job is going well – I’m on the hunt again for next year.

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