Satisfying Sunday

Hello and howdy do!  The girls are on the mend and because the first day of March heralds the coming of spring this will be a happy post instead of the dreary, whiny version seen lately on S.O. So, without further ado, here some mundane happenings for which I’m grateful.

First off, my middle daughter said goodbye to her best friend who lived in the condominiums behind us. Yes, this is sad in a way, but we are very grateful that she had the opportunity to meet this friend and they promise to remain in contact via letters and the internet.  Many days after school A2 would come home, throw her books, lunch box, etc. on the floor and dart straight  through the house then out the back door where she’d climb the ladder and wait for her friend.  I’ve no idea what plans were made, discussions were held, etc., but they spent lots of time chatting away.  Prior to this most of A2’s friends consisted of the younger boys in the neighborhood, with whom she’d discuss Pokemon or play video games. These little fellows are grand, but they never filled the role of having a girl the same age with similar issues and concerns.  Being a pre-teen can be oh so awkward. A2’s older sister is three years ahead of her in school and very wrapped up on Jr. high life. A2’s younger sister prefers to play alone, and let’s face… she can be trying on one’s nerves.  I’m sure that A2 will find another friend, but I hope the experience and memory of her backyard fence buddy will last for many years. 


Being Sunday, it’s baking day.  I love the smell of yeast, the feel of the dough and the satisfaction of creating food for my family.  In this state, the dough resembles my stomach… sorry, hope that comparison didn’t gross anyone out.


Yesterday I picked up my big prescription.  There are several other medications I take (although I’m trying to wean myself off at least one of them) and none of them run out at the same time so multiple inconvenient trips are necessary throughout the month.  Anyway, this one is far and away the most important. It’s also exorbitantly and ridiculously expensive.  This little blurb printed at the bottom of the receipt makes me thankful beyond belief for health insurance. Without it my medication would not be possible.


While waiting for the necessary yarn to arrive to finish the top down sweater I did indeed cast on the Snowdrop Shawl.  In order to not completely arse it up I need lots of stitch markers, several copies of the chart, preferably enlarged, and something to write with. The yarn is the Alpaca Lace-weight retrieved last year by Sven.


Sven doesn’t visit much any more, although I swear I saw him driving down the freeway last week.

Happily I’ll be heading back to work tomorrow. Absences for any reason make me feel like a slacker. Which reminds me, I need to scrounge around for spring items to change the display in one of the teacher’s windows.  This particular teacher is a delightful smart alec who pretty much ignores the niceties of school beautification.  His humorous quips pass right over the students’ heads, but the adults find them amusing.  A few minutes worth of decorating seems a small token for my gratitude at some much-needed levity in the workplace.  Who knows, maybe Sven will show up and lend a hand if I show up to work early enough.  He seems to like quiet places the best.

Finally, I love the internet.  This morning I woke up and watched foreign commercials. This one in particular made me spew coffee on my keyboard.



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4 responses to “Satisfying Sunday

  1. I had no idea where that one was heading. Damn, that’s fabulous!!!!!!!!! I also think your rising dough is beautiful. And, it smells wonderful, too. Happy Sunday, Sweetie.

  2. That is a brilliant commercial!

    And yes, thank all the powers that be for financial aid with the meds! Holy crow! Two thousand three hundred twenty one dollars and twenty cents. What, fer crying out loud, is the twenty cents for? I sure hope those meds work really, really well!

  3. When we moved house my daughter was avid for the new experience and bedroom. My son just plain refused to go, and said the new owners would have to take him in too. He was about 13 I guess, it wasn’t the house, so much as leaving his friends in the road, even tho he would still be attending the same school. I really wondered if we would have to kidnap him, but he did sulk along on the day.
    Now he lives on a different continent, to serve me right no doubt.

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