WTF Wednesday

WTF Didn’t expect that one: A2, my self-proclaimed tomboy, went shopping for, picked out and wore a dress, compete with girly shoes for her school concert.  She never wears dresses unless under extreme duress.  In fact, I was surprised to discover that she didn’t even own one that fit her any more (hence the shopping trip). 


Everyone in the family was stunned by her willingness to admit being female.  I didn’t even complain when she ditched her nylons after suffering them on her legs for about 5 minutes. I’ve no doubt that the scarce-worn lingerie will be transformed into a bug net, a rock strainer or some equally useful tool.  Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

WTF Happened to my yarn order? Last week I ordered more yarn in order to complete my sweater.  The package doesn’t have to travel far, nor was there any mention from the store of it being out of stock, etc.   I fear that if it doesn’t arrive soon then my fickle heart will lose all desire for this WIP.  I’ll wait for now and not do anything, but if it still hasn’t arrived by the end of the week then I’ll contact the seller. This is my first time ordering from this company and I don’t wish to be rash about passing judgement on their services.  In the meantime I picked up some various sock yarn left-overs and am endeavoring to improve my color-work tension.  Yes, my legs are really ghostly white, this isn’t a result of over exposure.


WTF Treasure. Several days ago, while driving down a country road I passed  a lone shoe.  There were no houses nearby, bodies in the ditch, teething puppies or other signs of possible previous ownership.   Well carpe tabernus (seize the boot)! The tires locked up and screeched as the van protested its sudden stop and reversal.  My eldest was mortified when I asked her to grab this for me.


To her this is nothing more than a nasty old shoe.  She doesn’t realize the possibilities. The obvious use for old shoes is planting Chicks and Hens in them.  However, their potential goes much deeper. Several more serendipitous shoe finds and I’ll be able to create this fabulous walking bike.


Should unemployment arise (not an issue that I know of)  then I’ll be set to practice my cobbling skills. And finally, should I need a portkey to make it to the next Quidditch World cup then this undesirable object will work splendidly.  In these tough times it’s important to be thrifty and resourceful.

WTF Presumptuous: This week out of the town of Bremerton, Washington came a heart warming story of a  cat who saved its elderly owner by waking her during a fire.  I don’t doubt that the un-named feline woke the woman and saved her life. However, I seriously question whether or not this kitty would have stuck around to wake her up if he/she had opposable thumbs and could open a door.  Cats are my most favorite animals. In fact, there’ve been few times in my life where I’ve not lived in servitude to at least one. That being said, I’d not wager on one of my devoted kitties sticking around to get my sorry arse out of a burning building if a cat door was available.  I tell myself that Bonny and Tasha love me faithfully. I hope they don’t feign interest because I operate the can opener.  But who knows what’s conspiring in their furry little minds.




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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Wow, that really IS A2 in a dress. I did a double take when I saw it. Than I checked to see if you were honing your Photoshop skillz. Nope, it really is her.
    And, that shoe, Heide? It IS just a nasty old shoe. Truly. it is.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    A2 looks gorgeous! You had darned well better plant a hen & chicks in that old shoe after making your child get out of the car and get it;–) Although, I do like that bike. And, the cat? You are so right. I love Esau Marie, but I know better than to believe she’d stick around to save my sorry butt.

  3. A2 is a princess! And she has a great eye for fashion. Excellent color and cut for her.

    The color work looks like great fun. What a wonderful idea for using up scraps.

    When you get your vegetable patch all turned and ready for planting, you ought to stick in that shoe with just the toe sticking out of the dirt, and get a “Scene of the crime” photo.

    So right about the cats. Yes, they do love us, but they are always looking out for numero uno. And we love ’em for that!

  4. I had a professor at college whose five cats woke her up during a home invasion/robbery. All five started jumping on the bed, “somethin’s wrong, mom…” She went down the stairs, slowly, with her canes (she was recovering from a car accident), and found the thief in the kitchen, rummaging through her fridge. She stuck the cane in his back and said, “Freeze!” She called the cops and he was arrested. He was bummed to find out he was held up with a cane, and she asked about the fridge–apparently a lot of people hide valuables in the fridge in fake cans, or in bowls in high cupboards.

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