Buried Alive

These past few weeks life has been piling up and threatening to bury us alive here at Chez S.O.  Nothing extraordinary, just mundane appointments, sick children, work, housework, etc. Yesterday afternoon in an attempt to make a tangible dent and restore order to one small corner of reality I moved the unfolded laundry into the living room, made a cup of tea and put in a movie.  Over the years my brain has developed the uncanny ability to shut out surrounding chaos and anchor my sanity to one little happy, organized spot.  Folded clothes seemed as good an anchor as any.  Unfortunately the endeavor proved to be an epic fail. First mistake was my movie choice.  “Maxed Out” turned out to be a depressing little documentary to watch even if high spirits had prevailed. It definitely added to feelings of overwhelming despair. Second mistake, assuming the piles of folded clothes would remain folded if I stacked them around me on the floor. Stampeding kids and cats reduced 90 minutes of work to nothingness during one brief trip to the restroom.


Later, while steaming my worries away in the bathtub I channeled my late Grandma Eva. She would have told me, “Say there!” (that’s how grandma always started off) “You just be glad you have clothes to fold, a house to be messy and a job to complain about.” She would have also grabbed my girls by their delicate little ears, pulled them into the living room and set them to folding laundry. Next on Grandma’s list, a sledge hammer to my DH’s pc, thus ending his ability to beam off to WOW at a moment’s notice.  With these sage thoughts I finally found my happy spot and went to bed early.  This weekend I’ll tackle the mundane. The family will help. Cheers!



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9 responses to “Buried Alive

  1. Oh, I do like your grandma Eva!

    If I’m going to mail a manuscript to you, I’ll need the snail mail address. My e-mail is flyingfish3@comcast.net. I’d love to know how the girls like it. In fact, I’ll stick in the first one, too, as a bonus.

  2. Definitely make the girls fold. The cats, although probably helped with the destruction, do not have opposable thumbs to assist. Em is now folding a load or two a week as part of her regular chores. Cam is unloading the dishwasher. Ben sets the table. It’s small, but every little bit helps.

  3. Yes, Grandma Evil, I mean Eva, sounds like fun.
    As for the WOW…perhaps dumping the laundry to be folded ON the computer, and he can fold his way to the keyboard. (I’ve done worse in my own home, and now have a nicely made bed for me every morning!)

  4. Gillian Fergusson

    Sorry, can’t help here. Haven’t got stuff needing “family help”. I’m sick of the cat poohing indoors but that is probably it.
    Cheers Gillian

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    Have a good weekend. These moments are infuriating, but typical, aren’t they? Hang on. You are not alone. Of course, when you’re in the heat of it, it doesn’t mean a damn. Hugs to you and yours.

  6. my grandma was like that too, she’d never let anyone complain about dirty dishes, because “that means you have food on your plate” etc etc etc. Lord love the grandmas! ( and don’t let me be one anytime soon!)

  7. hmmm….around here all the girls do at least their own folding and putting away and D1 (who’s 13) does all her own laundry. The carpet remains unvaccumed while AL and I play WoW together. I think you should get your own account and we could all raid together! Hazzah!!!

  8. I think WOW should be outlawed! lololol It is such a time waster, when the time could be better spent vacuuming or folding laundry.

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