Girls’ Night Out

For all intents and purposes my DH is gone (National Guard drill, an awards banquet, etc.) this weekend. So yesterday the girls and I popped in an audio version of  “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” then set about tackling housework.  Once living conditions were restored to the level of “Tolerably Acceptable” the four of us went out to dinner. 


After dinner and dessert we cruised to a local store where we meandered around the toy and clothing departments being silly.


Eventually we managed to pick up our necessities and head home.  The girls settled in to their various activities so I pulled out two gifts received during this past week to further extend the night-o-bliss.  Liz at Athena Dreams sent me a copy of “Knitted Jackets” by Cheryl Oberle for winning a drawing at her her site. I adore the fact that many of the jackets in this book are longer, thus accommodating those of us who don’t wish to show off our midriffs.


The Wrapper is at the top of my knitting list from this book. The second gift enjoyed this evening was the remains of a delightfully large and dark chocolate bar given to me by a co-worker.


Size does matter, especially when chocolate is involved.

This morning we awoke to the nasty time change  and a light dusting of snow.  The two together hardly seem fair. Prior to the powers that be changing the dates of the time changes we could at least look forward to more daylight, nicer weather and it technically was spring. The old adage, “Spring Ahead, Fall Back” no longer pertains.  “Sadistic Chronology Switches” hardly rolls off the tongue, but it seems more appropriate.

Speaking of time, I need to get cracking with the Sunday Baking. Cheers!



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6 responses to “Girls’ Night Out

  1. I gotta remember to adjust all the clocks in the house. DH’s alarm clock is smart enough to adjust itself, but all the others don’t. Girls night sounds FUN! Wish I could have joined you. Got a long day of cleaning and whip-cracking today. Hugs,

  2. I hear you on the time change and the lurgy it engenders.

    I so want a nap.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Hang on! We’ll be fine in a few days. Hopefully;–) I love the pix and it sounds like you and the ladies had a great time. Happy Monday!

  4. Tolerably Acceptable housekeeping at our house means no one has called the city to complain. Yet.

  5. How wonderful that you and your girls can have fun together. Lucky, lucky them to have such a mom!

    Books on tape make housework ever so much easier!

  6. We don’t leap forward [an hour] into Spring for another 10 days. I am resenting it already. here in England there are often murmurings to give it up, but those pesky Scots demand we keep it as they are further North.

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